Brahim Foradi’s girlfriend: Is he dating Zara McDermott? Age gap and net worth

There were rumors about Brahim Faradi’s girlfriend and how he cheated. Fans are eager to know if this is true or not.

Brahim is a music director who collaborates with talent shows like X Factor.

In 2019, he met Zara McDermott while working as an A&R director for Syco on X Factor: Celebrity.

He has since left the company and is believed to be living in the Netherlands.

Brahim Foradi’s girlfriend: Is he dating Zara McDermott?

Zara Nicole McDermott is a British TV presenter. After working as a policy advisor for the Ministry of Education, she appeared in the fourth series of Love Island.

She has since appeared on The X Factor: Celebrity and Made in Chelsea, as well as presenting her own BBC documentaries, Revenge Porn, Uncovering Rape Culture, and Disordered Eating, based on her own experiences.

She began presenting the BBC dating show Three Love in the Flesh in 2022.

Yes, Zara and Brahim went out. However, not anymore.

Zara allegedly spent more time behind the scenes with Brahim and after hours. She admitted to sleeping with him at MIC.

In the episode of MIC, Sam also admitted to cheating on him “consistently”.

He said she had previously told him she “can’t go home” because the rest of her Celebrity X Factor band – Love Island’s Ile Brooker, Wes Nelson and Samira Mighty – had already left the studio.

She didn’t admit to cheating until a year after sleeping with him.

According to Twitter, most MIC viewers are appalled by Zara’s actions.

Sam broke up with Zara McDermott after she cheated on him. (source: the sun)

“I haven’t seen Zara cry even one tear,” commented one viewer. Only crocodile tears, Han #MadeInChelsea, because she was caught cheating.”

“Zara cheated on Sam with music mogul Brahim Foradi,” claimed another. When Sam discovered that she still liked Brahim’s Instagram photos, that was the last straw.”

However, some people came out in support after Zara shared a montage of her and Sam’s relationship on Instagram.

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Brahim Foraadi and Zara McDermott age gap and net worth

Brahim Foraadi and Lazara McDermott don’t seem to have much of an age difference.

Zara’s adultery caused the couple to separate.

She posted a video montage of their shared memories on October 12, 2020, beginning with the message: “I want you to understand how much I adore you, my true love. This video will show you why.”

With Nathan Sykes’ Over & Over Again playing in the background, a series of intimate clips from Sam and Zara’s 16-month relationship is recreated.

She wrote next to the video: “Remember you are everything. You are the moon, the stars and everything in between to me. I’m going to miss you. I fall more in love with you every day.”

Brahim Foradi Company
Brahim Foraadi was an A&R manager at Simon Cowell’s Syco record label. (Source: The SUN)

Talking about his net worth, it seems that he has not revealed it to the public yet. However, he seems to be earning a decent amount of income.

Brahim Foradi was a member of the pop duo “Foradi” for seven years. Two years ago, he started working for Sony Music Benelux as an A&R manager.

After being the head of music on X-Factor NL, he was asked by the UK to be the A&R manager for Kelly Rowland’s category on the American version of X-Factor.

As a result, Simon Cowell offered him the position of International Research and Equipment Manager at Syco. He is currently responsible for all of Syco’s vital global territories.

Apart from that, he recently launched his own Sony label, ‘La Foux’, and continues to write songs (credits include Yellow Claw-Shotgun, Yellow Claw- Till it Hurts, B-Brave-Aliyah).

He is Cho and Aidan’s manager.

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