Bombshell Book Claims Prince Harry Was ‘Held Hostage’ by Meghan Markle

According to a new book, some palace aides claimed Prince Harry was “held hostage” by his wife Meghan Markle.

The book, which is filled with royal revelations, sheds light on the theory that palace insiders have floated over the prince’s relationship with his wife.

Apparently, some senior officials have even discussed the possibility of stripping Harry of his royal title following the couple’s decision to step down as senior royals.

However, the book indicates that King Charles was not in favor of this due to his love for his son.

The book’s author, Robert Jobson, also reveals that some aides joked that Harry was a victim of Stockholm Syndrome and blamed Meghan for the family fallout.

The book claims that this perception could change if Harry continues to criticize the monarchy. In that case, King Charles could cave to mounting pressure, and Harry and Meghan could be demoted to “Mr. and Mrs. Mountbatten-Windsor of Montecito, California.”

The book also chronicles new details about the strained relationship between the Sussexes and the royal family. The author claims Charles is “deeply saddened by the growing rift” between him and his youngest son and wishes he could see more of Harry’s children. However, Harry’s recent explosive autobiography and TV interviews criticizing the family have hampered his chances of mending the rift.

According to a senior aide, some blame Meghan for the fallout, but others believe Harry has turned his back on all he has known. The book also reveals that after the Queen’s death, Prince Harry allegedly insisted that his wife accompany him to the Queen’s Scottish bolthole at Balmoral Castle, but his father, King Charles, allegedly ignored her request. .

The book is due out in July and it has already caused a lot of talk about the royal family.

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