Billie Eilish surrenders to haters and body shaming: ‘I can’t win’

“No. I can’t win.”
Billie Eilish give up: no more battles with body shamefinished responding to haters who continue to criticize his body

She still fights against those who spit venom online on physical appearance, curves and excess pounds, now the Californian singer gives up. She is a
Billie Eilish that you are not expecting. She gave an interview to British magazine Dazed in which she explains why she decided to say enough is enough.

These comments for a bikini post

Earlier this year, the music diva visited Hawaii and shared photos of herself on her Instagram profile. Among the pictures also some bikini pictures. And right after the comments made in these shots, she decided to say enough. “She was all the rage,” recalls the star. “There were comments like, ‘I don’t like her anymore because she just turned 18 and she’s a bitch.’ I can’t win I can’t win,” says the young artist, who also remembers other negative comments about her appearance related to a photo of her wearing a tank top: I saw comments like: ‘How dare you you saying you don’t want to be sexualized and wear that?!”.

I didn’t recognize my body

Billie Eilish is known for her looks and her habit of wearing baggy clothes. She always avoided showing him
body throughout her career because she never wanted to be judged on her physical appearance but only on her professional skills. But the haters also helped create a personal negative reaction to his physical appearance: “There was a moment last year when, when I was naked, I didn’t recognize my body. Because I haven’t seen him in a while. I would look at it and say ‘What?’ Of which
body is it?’ “.

The last message against body shaming

Yet just a month ago, kicking off Where We Are Going’s world tour (now on hold due to coronavirus), the pop star sent a strong message against
body shame, showing a video in which he lashed out at anyone who dared to criticize. a person based on their physical appearance. “THE
body I was born with it, isn’t that what you wanted? She said on the video projected from the stage. “If I’m wearing comfortable clothes, I’m not a woman.

If I undress, I’m a prostitute. Even though you have never seen my body, you judge it and you judge me for it. Because? We make assumptions about people based on their height. We decide who they are. Let’s decide what they are worth. If I wear more If I wear less Is my value based solely on your perception? Or is your opinion of me not my responsibility?

A very strong attack against
body a pity and against those who would have liked to see it taller or shorter, softer or thinner. And who looks at her hips or her chest or her belly. But all this happened a month ago, before
by Billie Eilish final capitulation: “I can’t win.”

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