Audible CEO Discredits Meghan Markle’s Claims on New Deal: Allegations Debunked

Meghan Markle has faced another setback in her career, this time from Audible, the audiobook and podcast company owned by Amazon. Recent rumors suggested she was in negotiations for a major deal, which could have been a turning point in her aspiration to become a Hollywood star. However, Audible’s representative vehemently denied the validity of these rumors, dealing a major blow to Meghan Markle.

Audible clarified that there had been no discussions with Meghan Markle, dismissing the reports as baseless. An insider previously suggested that the Audible opportunity was even more promising than Markle’s $29 million deal with podcast giant Spotify, which ended in June. The rumors even hinted at the possibility of a substantial payout that could exceed Spotify’s significant investment.

Markle seemed excited about the prospect of being associated with notable figures like Michelle and Barack Obama, who had joined Audible the previous year. Despite her outward confidence, the reality was that Meghan Markle was facing challenges since losing the Spotify deal, a significant setback. She and her husband, Prince Harry, had parted ways with Spotify amid controversy shortly after signing with the audio company in late 2020.

While Markle had produced a single 12-episode podcast series called “Archetypes,” she and Harry had said their departure from Spotify was a mutual decision. However, negative attention persisted around Markle’s podcast debut, with Spotify exec Bill Simmons even calling them “scrappy scammers” on his podcast, recounting a zoom meeting he had with Prince Harry to discuss podcast ideas.

Despite the challenges, an insider revealed that Meghan Markle is eager to embark on a new chapter with a new contract. However, she fears the immense pressure she faces to succeed, and this pressure takes a toll on her sleep. She acknowledges that the stakes will only get higher if she makes this deal.

Hollywood’s power players are keenly aware of the mistakes the Sussexes made in the Spotify deal, and some worry that dropping them twice would irreparably damage their brand, eroding confidence in their ability to deliver quality content. quality.

The development follows Meghan Markle’s signing with famed Hollywood agency WME in April, sparking anticipation among Royal watchers for her first major deal from the partnership. While there have been constant rumors about Markle’s impending career resumption, including reports of a deal with a French fashion house and a social media relaunch, nothing substantial has come to light. has come to fruition so far. It appears that brands are actively distancing themselves from Markle, which could be detrimental to her.

Faced with these challenges, it becomes increasingly important for it to rebuild its reputation and credibility, particularly in the world of entertainment and media.

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