April Briney (Seeking Sister Wife) Bio, Age, Height, Husband, Kids, Net Worth

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April Biography Briney

This is what you need to know about April Briney, an American reality TV star currently involved in the search for Drew Briney’s sister-in-law and ex-wife. The show is about polygamy and how the couple does it. They try to find a sister-in-law to include in their relationship, such as a dating show. Apart from the show, there is not much information about how her professional life is.

April Briney Age

No details are available on her date of birth, so this information will be updated as soon as it is available.

April Briney Height

April Briney Family

Little is known about her parents, there are also no details about her siblings, so this information will be updated as soon as it is available.

April Briney Husband

Briney is divorced from her husband Drew on June 28 last year. She has not shared much information about her love life.

April Briney children

She has not disclosed any information about her children and will therefore be informed as soon as she is available.

April Briney Net Worth

Briney has an estimated net worth of $ 100,000. Her career as a real TV star is her main source of income.

April Briney Seeking Wife Sister

The search for a sister-in-law will premiere on TLC on Sunday, February 28 at 9 p.m. ET / PT. The show is about exploring the lives of four families in all phases of finding, meeting or moving a new sister woman into their lives.

They will date online, meet in person and explore the benefits of incorporating a new spouse into their plural families. Season 3 returns with two well-known families as part of the cast, as well as three young couples looking for new additions to their growing family.

Most likely the highlight of the season is that there will be graduates of “90 Day Fiancé”, which is rumored to be a “Brazilian bomb” and divorce. Add quarantine to the mix and you have what it promises to be an absolutely explosive and fun season.

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