Americans Boycott Evil Prince Harry & Meghan After Megxit’s Hideous Truth Goes Viral On Air

Prepare to witness the once-beloved duo’s downfall as Americans boycott Harry and Meghan. The hideous truth behind Megxit has gone viral on air. Yes, you heard right. Harry and Meghan fled American soil with their tails between their legs.

It’s from their lavish mansion in Montecito. Their sustainably soft and eco-friendly tableware, at an outrageous $250 per soup plate, is frustrating. Another deal falls through, leaving the Duke and Duchess in turmoil.

Heavy criticism is raining down from industry insiders. It appears the Duchess had envisioned a life of greatness and entitlement after marrying into royalty and establishing a base in the United States. She believed her royal status would be enough to command Hollywood’s respect and adoration.

Little did she know, however, that Hollywood is a cutthroat place where talent and hard work matter more than titles.

Their plan was simple but bold. They aimed to market themselves as content producers to the highest bidder, leveraging their royal credentials.

They thought they could amass hundreds of millions of dollars without breaking a sweat. The godly platitudes of female empowerment podcasts and raunchy reality shows were meant to be their ticket to eternal success. But reality hit hard.

Spotify pulled out of their $20 million deal after just one streak. Bill Simmons, a Spotify executive, called them “creepy crooks”, exposing the truth behind their charade. Hollywood saw through their act and had no patience for authorized people who expected easy money. Americans, known for their aversion to scammers and whiners, quickly turned their backs on the couple.

Even Jeremy Zimmer, the CEO of United Talent Agency, joined in the chorus of critics. He said bluntly that Meghan Markle was not a talent, despite her royal status. The Hollywood power players smelled blood in the water and the sharks started circling. Damning stories emerged, further tarnishing their reputation.

Even Taylor Swift, one of the biggest stars in the industry, turned down an invitation to appear on Meghan’s show. It seems she didn’t see the relevance of engaging with a duchess who had married into fortune on the subject of women’s struggles. And that wasn’t the only incident of misconduct. Reports have surfaced of Meghan pinning her voice in interviews she never conducted, claiming to have meaningful conversations with guests. What rudeness and lack of class!

But it does not stop there. Rumors have spread about Harry’s brainstorming session, where he suggested interviewing world leaders like Putin and Trump about their childhood traumas. Apparently he believed it would lead to world peace. One can’t help but question Prince Harry’s mental faculties if he truly believed such an approach would yield meaningful results.

As the Prince of Wales launched his initiative to tackle homelessness, his younger brother became a laughing stock. Yes, their dog Netflix has debuted, but mining their personal lives for content seems to have lost its appeal. The American public, disillusioned with their legitimate behavior, has now turned their backs on the couple. It’s a harsh reality check for Harry and Meghan as they watch their dreams crumble around them. The hideous truth of Megxit has been exposed and the consequences are disastrous.

The once-beloved duo now find themselves ostracized, with their reputations in tatters. Amid the chaos, one thing remains clear: Hollywood rewards true talent and hard work, not entitlement and self-pity. Villains Harry and Meghan must reckon with the consequences of their choices. It’s a cautionary tale for those who believe that only titles and status can pave the way to success.

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