Alleges Unauthorized Use of Microphone at Event

Tracy James, the reigning queen of Paramount Pictures events, found herself unable to strike up a conversation with none other than Meghan Markle at the Jamaican red carpet extravaganza. And why, you may ask? This is not due to a sudden distaste for royal drama; it is rather a scandalous story. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the unstoppable duo, chose to honor a Paramount Pictures event with their presence.

Now you might think, “Hey, maybe they're just movie buffs, what's the problem?” But of course, the rumor never stops. Some gossip mongers suggest this is a not-so-subtle nudge to Netflix, their supposed best friends. In 2020, Harry and Meghan signed a deal with Netflix just after leaving royal duties. As this contract's expiration date draws closer, our power couple might be feeling the heat. Are they getting closer to Paramount Pictures, Netflix's rival? That's what the tabloids would have you believe.

Picture this: the glamorous premiere of a Bob Marley documentary, with Megan and Harry grinning like Cheshire cats alongside none other than Paramount and Nickelodeon big cheese Brian Robbins. Oh, the fuel that has been added to the fire of rumors: negotiations with alternative platforms, anyone? But hold on to your hats because the plot thickens. Those in the know are whispering in hushed tones that Megan and Paramount won't happen, folks. And this is where it gets spicy.

Remember these photos from the movie premiere? Well, it turns out Megan Markle didn't exactly have a golden ticket. She simply entered the photo when Paramount CEO Brian Robbins and his wife Tracy James were all set to pose on the red carpet. Imagine the shock and horror when they realized Megan had a small recording device tucked into her dress. It's an instant buzzkill, isn't it?

Now here is the snub of the century. The CEO and his wife acted as if Megan was invisible: they did not speak, did not acknowledge her existence. She even said something, but they stepped aside in front of her, pretending she wasn't there. Can you believe it? And why, you ask, did Megan carry a recording device? Well, according to Entertainment Tonight, there's a voice telling photographers who's who, the CEO of Paramount enters stage left, and then, out of nowhere, Harry and Megan appear like unwanted partygoers, practically invading the scene. Tracy James' personal space.

Megan, honey, we understand; you love the limelight, but bulldozing your way into someone's moment? Not cool. Brian Robbins is desperately trying to pretend he's anywhere but there, and Tracy, well, she's walking away like it's an Olympic sport. Harry and Megan know the cameras are watching them and they can't resist the urge to put themselves at the center of attention. The CEO tries to keep his wife away from Markle, but she gives him the “we can't run away” look. Oh, the drama.

And let's not forget that Netflix may not renew Megan's golden ticket, so she's here networking like it's her last chance on Earth, getting on a plane and leaving a sick child behind to To see a film. Now that's dedication. So there you have it, friends. Tracy James gave Megan the cold shoulder, and it's all caught on camera. When it comes to Hollywood dramas, this one takes the cake. Grab your popcorn because the show is far from over.

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