A Technical Hell for King Charles

According to royal commentator and expert Daniela Elser, there are growing fears that Prince Harry is causing a lot of trouble for King Charles.

At the same time, he is also believed to be the monarchy’s “greatest source of income”.

Elser recently wondered how a newly crowned king and queen would recover from a coronation. She humorously suggested they could indulge in Long Island Iced Teas or Lomi Lomi massages, or take contemplative walks through private woods the size of Luxembourg.

Meanwhile, Charles and Queen Camilla are said to have enjoyed some well-deserved rest and relaxation at their Norfolk estate.

Elser went on to suggest that Her Majesty may be feeling quite relaxed at the moment, but things could soon get “hellish” for him thanks to Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, who is currently the biggest earner of the legal world in London.

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