A book reveals how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gradually distanced themselves from the royal family

SHOCKING Between anger and misunderstanding, there was no doubt for the couple’s relatives that they were going to leave sooner or later

It’s a book that may not do any good for the ever strained relationship between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal family. In Brokers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown, written by Times journalist Valentine Low, a number of revelations are already making noise. We learn in particular that Meghan Markle kept yelling at the royal employees who managed their affairs. A certain Samantha Cohen, who is not directly mentioned in the book, was said to have been the victim of the couple’s wrath on several occasions during a visit to Australia in 2018.

“Sam always said it was like working for a couple of teenagers. They were impossible and pushed her to the limit. She was unhappy. She constantly had to fight on behalf of Harry and Meghan, while enduring all this abuse from them,” a friend of the secretary said in the book.

The ex-employees of the royal couple would also meet under the name of “Sussex Survivors Club”, specifies the work.

Difficult discovery

Valentine Low also claims that Meghan Markle would have done anything to be “the Beyoncé of the United Kingdom”. According to him, she was so eager to be treated like a princess, even before her marriage to Prince Harry, that she threatened to leave him if he did not publicly confirm their relationship. But once officially entered the royal family, the ex-actress would have quickly become disillusioned.

“What she found out was that there were so many rules that were so ridiculous that she couldn’t even do what she could do as a private person, which is hard…”, says one anonymous source close to Buckingham. In other words: the life that Meghan Markle had dreamed of was very far from reality.

Another “bomb”, according to the British tabloid press: Meghan Markle reportedly said she couldn’t understand why she wasn’t being paid when she made the famous royal tour of Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand in 2018 .

“While she appreciates the attention, Meghan doesn’t understand the point of all the traveling around, shaking hands with countless strangers…” says another royal source.

If the book is essentially composed of these anonymous testimonies, Valentine Low is a very serious journalist. He’s worked for The Times (mainly covering the royal family) since 2008, which makes all of these allegations more believable than when they’re on the front pages of tabloids like the Daily Mail or the Mirror… He’s the one who revealed complaints of harassment by Sussex household staff against Meghan Markle, which prompted an investigation by Buckingham.

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