6 Underground Review: A Powerful Movie, Just Like Fast & Furious, Just Inferior

There is a new franchise in town. It's called "6 Underground" and was staged by Michael Bay and produced by a team from Michael Bay, Ian Bryce, Dana Goldberg, David Ellison and Don Granger for Netflix with Ryan Reynolds. The film is about a group of Americans who want to change the world by killing everyone who is bad and whom the government and the CIA cannot touch. They are unscrupulous, quick shooters, fast with cars and destructive. Just like Fast & Furious, just inferior.

Cliché concept, weak action

We have seen this type of group many times. They want to make the world a better place by doing some of the worst things known to mankind, such as killing a father right outside the door while the now orphaned daughter asks the doll for her father , It's like destroying dozens of vehicles and sending limbs to the sky during this chase in Florence, Italy. Like killing kitchen staff and ship attendants, most of them armed with table knives. Messy, not strange.

We can forgive the above and we can't either, but her action sticked out like a white finger. Now there is a bad leader in the Middle East of Turgistan, Rovach, made up of Erdogan, Syria's Al-Bashir and Gaddafi. He is corrupt, lives in tremendous prosperity despite the extreme poverty of his people, and bombards it from time to time with chemical bombs just to be in power. Here is the hole, no one worries their people just to demonstrate their power – it doesn't extend unbelief, it's just lazy to write. If the Volksnukes house rebels and dissidents, Rovach will be considered a terrorist if the people try to break free from Turgistan, and Rovach will attack them as an attacker of their treacherous leader nukes if the people have taken up arms to free the nation from the president, then we will understand that. Michael Bay didn't bother to make this credible.

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There are also four of Rovach's generals who are extremely corrupt and vain. All four arrive in Las Vegas to meet an arms dealer. All of them. There is no point in sending all of your most trusted generals to the heart of capitalism where you are not loved. One will do; at most two. But all four, impossible. And all love women and buses and are shameless in getting it. Easy to handle for the six, easy for the plot, but too cheap for a plot line.

Now Rovach has a brother, whom he has under house arrest in a luxurious apartment and who somehow has a good heart and is reluctant to lead the waiting party. As soon as I saw him, I knew that he would be the saving grace of men and that a rescue mission would take place. I was not disappointed.

6 Underground: Overdo it, overdo it

Our Fast & Furious review mentions that the film is good enough when a show has no plot but can keep the viewer on the screen and ask him from time to time if they are entertained and get the most yes answers. What we did not mention, but is generally accepted, is that too much of everything is a fork and "6 Underground" has done this overboard. The bloodshed was too much. I don't know where they got the idea from that an R-rated movie can't do things in the right proportion. Every explosive act has many moments of unbelief that let you flow into the context of the beautiful things the film offers, just like Dwayne Johnson, who holds an airplane out of the air.

One reason why Michael Bay's scenes look exaggerated is that there is nothing spectacular. The scenes were just dizziness. blatant and plentiful, nothing as striking as when Edris Elba's bike spins on its own and positions itself for a quick climb for this breathtaking chase. If you don't show us anything exciting when it comes to chases, clashes and crashes, we can just sit down and watch video games.

Angel liked criticism

Even the sex scenes were quick, breathless, and brutal. "Are you having two sex or are you just fu*king?" One asked two and three or four and five and the lady replied: "Just fu*k yourself." That's the truth. They're just playing around and that's just a distraction. Nobody is emotionally attracted, no aww, no hmmm, just shirts that fly to the ceiling and lips that urge you to grab something.

Michael Bay has exaggerated many things, exaggerated many things and it has not been a great observation overall. The Rollingstone.com report summed up "6 Underground" perfectly. "It's like someone repeatedly stabbing you at the parts of your brain that sense the sensation and pounding until a line of drooling falls off your battered lip."

"6 Underground": How would you rate it?

Michael Bay began his career as a director when he directed "Bad Boys" in 1995. Bay is a director who is a great director who has had some success but does not have the jury he chose. The general belief that he is a great director even if he hits the jackpot at the box office, is still criticized. For example, Michael Bay made "Armaggedon" in 1998 and made more than half a billion dollars on a budget of 140, and critics hated him for it. Roger Ebert, the legendary film critic, has included this film in his list of the most hated films and said: "The film is an attack on the eyes, ears, brain, common sense and human desire to be entertained . "

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I'm not led by the noose of legendary film critics here. Why should I be when Michael Bay is the brain behind the film series "Transformer" and "Bad Boys" that I love. There is enough to disagree with Michael Bay, but not enough to take away the benefit of the doubt. I don't like this film. "6 Underground" neither captured nor entertained me. There is none of the characters that I have warmed to, none have inspired me, and there is no poetry in the dialogues and no tension at all.

When "6 Underground" 2 comes out, I'll watch it. Perhaps with suspicion and concern, but I will see everything well. This movie may be bad, but it's not the kind of bad that the sequel you watch doesn't deserve. I read someone that the producers of this film are watching eight sequels of it. Aside from the fact that there's a miraculous change in focus and detail in the next film, apart from the fact that the next film is a great TV program, they won't get beyond three sequels. Or they will. This is the age of madness. I rate this film as 3/10.

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