Why Can I Never Please You?

During their visit to New York for a special address at the United Nations, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were observed closely.

Meghan watched with pride as father-of-two Harry delivered a solemn state of the world address, covering topics ranging from the war in Ukraine to climate change and COVID-19, in honor of the International Day. Nelson Mandela.

However, a significant incident occurred during their stay in New York, a heated argument which was overheard at their hotel.

Reminiscent of the event was the moment Harry gave his speech to an uncrowded audience of 30 at the United Nations. Interestingly, the other 1,000 seats remained completely empty.

As they arrived, Megan showed her support by placing a reassuring hand on Harry’s lower back, guiding him forward while smiling warmly at the assembled guests. However, Megan had wanted to join Harry on stage, maybe even talk to him and introduce him.

Harry declined her request, which led to a heated argument overheard by others. In the middle of the argument, Harry allegedly exclaimed, “Why can’t I ever please you?”

I remember witnessing Harry’s turmoil and anger at this event. He seemed visibly distracted from the speech, frequently removing his hand from Meghan’s grasp. She seemed unusually tense and continually sought physical contact with him.

This was the same occasion she insisted on holding his hand, only for him to pull away, which resulted in her scratching his hand and arm. Their body language spoke volumes. Harry looked visibly irritated, while Meghan sported a particularly displeased expression.

Contrasting with his confident delivery, body language expert Judy James observed that Harry struggled with intense emotions below the surface. According to James, his style of delivery was more presidential than princely at the United Nations.

Harry spoke in a dark, slow and authoritative manner, positioning himself as an expert on the subjects discussed. He was not shy about taking a candid approach, even when talking about Nelson Mandela himself. However, Harry’s underlying body language suggested high levels of tension and anxiety beneath the facade of confidence.

Harry and his father, Prince Charles, both use barrier rituals as a way to soothe themselves at public events. These rituals were evident in Harry’s behavior at the United Nations. He deployed an extensive self-comforting barrier ritual, including a truncated gesture of buttoning his jacket.

This behavior continued even after he got on stage and walked over to the music stand. Such gestures are more about seeking self-comfort than the actions themselves.

Prince Charles, meanwhile, pats his pockets, fiddles with his wrists, while Harry pretends to button his jacket, fiddles with his tie and pats his stomach. These actions allow them to create a protective barrier by raising their hands and arms in front of their torso, signaling nervousness.

The raw footage of Prince Harry’s emotional outburst on Meghan behind his speech at the UN in New York shines a light on the underlying tensions and frustrations within their relationship. Despite his confident public persona, Harry’s body language and heated argument with Meghan reveal a complex emotional struggle beneath the surface.

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