Who Wants to Invite You to the Oscars?!

After Meghan Markle revealed her plans to publish her memoir, royal experts speculated that her former spouse, Trevor Engelson, might soon share his views on their previous relationship. Engelson, who was married to Meghan for three years before their divorce in 2014, reportedly received a substantial amount of money in exchange for publishing a candid autobiography.

Meghan and Trevor’s romance lasted over five years, ending two years after their marriage in 2011. Subsequently, Meghan married Prince Harry in 2018, while Trevor married dietitian Tracy Kurland in 2019 The growing intrigue surrounding Trevor’s biography stems from the anticipation that he could provide a distinctive perspective on his experiences with Meghan.

According to reports, agents approached Trevor with tempting offers, urging him to reveal his story. Her memoir could reveal the underlying causes of their 2013 breakup, which some described as sudden and handled with emotional detachment. Rumors are circulating that Meghan ended the marriage by returning their wedding rings and engagement rings in the mail.

Trevor’s autobiography can also delve into intriguing aspects of their story, such as the claim that attendees at their wedding were offered marijuana as a gesture of hospitality, despite its illegal status in the US. era. Disclosure of such information could potentially affect Meghan’s reputation in the US, UK and around the world, and could potentially put pressure on her relationship with Prince Harry.

Considering Trevor’s portrayal as a rather disloyal individual in the book “Finding Freedom” written by Omid Scobie, his memoir has the potential to serve as a platform for him to vindicate his reputation and present his point of view. The film could delve into his odyssey of triumph over rejection and hardship, examining the personal challenges he faced after perceiving Meghan’s actions as a betrayal.

Trevor’s amplified experiences, intensified by global attention, have the potential to provide valuable perspectives on dealing with public disgrace and struggles with self-esteem. Her story may strike a chord with individuals struggling with psychological challenges stemming from feelings of exclusion.

In particular, he may give priority to safeguarding his reputation in the face of unfavorable public opinion, particularly in relation to an incident linked to the Oscars. Meghan reportedly attempted to attend the event as Trevor’s replacement, although he was initially invited due to his involvement in a film project. This particular case, among others, could serve as a central point in Trevor’s narrative.


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