Who is July Fuller from Transatlantic? Age and family

Transatlantic is a seven-episode TV show inspired by the book The Flight Portfolio, written by Julie Oringer, about the true events of the Emergency Rescue Committee.


The series has several famous cast members, including Gillian Jacobs, July Fuller, Lucas Englander and Cory Michael Smith, and the show will begin airing on Netflix on April 7, 2023.

In this article, our attention will be directed to the talented actor Juli Fuller, who has a supporting role in the upcoming limited television series, Transatlantic.

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Who is July Fuller from Transatlantic? Age and family

Yuli Fuller, a novice actor who stars in Transatlantic, boasts an impressive range of languages, performing fluently in English, French, Italian and German on the international stage.

After a successful performance on the stage and in television and film productions in France, Yuli Fuller played in the adapted debut series of the well-known writer Harlan Cuban, “No Second Chance”.

Yuli Fuller is a private person and has not disclosed information about his family, including his parents and potential siblings.

Yuli Fuller played the role of Sebastian in “Unexpected” (source: Instagram)

He is very active on his social media platforms but uses his Instagram and Twitter as portfolio pages rather than a place to share photos of his friends and family.

Although Yuli Fuller remains tight-lipped about his age, Biography Daily estimated, based on available information, his year of birth at 1986, making him 36 years old as of 2023.

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Julie Fuller has a prolific portfolio

Encouraged by Harlan Coban, Yuli Fuller realized his dream of working abroad and got a role in the British play “Mosquitoes” at the National Theater in London, where he played alongside Olivia Colman and Joseph Queen.

Fuller’s career took a positive turn after “Mosquitoes”. He played in “The Widow” with Kate Beckinsale and Charles Dance and returned to the stage in “Two Ladies” with Zoe Wanamaker and Zarinka Cvitsic.

Furthermore, July Fuller will also appear in Anna Winger’s new Netflix series Transatlantic, a historical drama set during World War II that revolves around the theme of resistance.

July Fuller
July Fuller was in the first season of Marie Antoinette (source: IMDb)

He had a memorable role in the third season of “Atlanta” in the episode “Tarra”, where he had a violent and comical encounter with Zazi Betz and Baggett.

Yuli Fuller is set to appear in Romuald Boulanger’s upcoming film On the Line, where he will star alongside Mel Gibson and William Moseley.

He is reportedly involved in other upcoming projects that have not been revealed to the public, and there are possibilities that he may even take a writing role on some of them.

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Transatlantic: Yuli Fuller plays Suleiman Toure

In September 2021, Netflix and Anna Winger’s Berlin-based production company Studio Airlift announced their first creative partnership and project, Transatlantic.

During an interview with Deadline Hollywood before the Series Mania screening of “Transatlantic” in March 2023, Anna Winger mentioned that Casablanca (1942) served as an inspiration for the series.

The cast was announced in March 2022 for Transatlantic, with July Fuller playing Souleymane Touré alongside Gillian Jacobs, Gregory Montal, Cory Michael Smith and Cory Stoll.

July Fuller
Yuli Fuller plays the role of Suleiman Toure in Transatlantic (source: IMDb)

The story centers on people who worked together in 1940 Marseille during World War II to save refugees, including artists and writers, fleeing Europe.

According to his story, during his stay in France from 1940 to 1941, an American journalist successfully arranged safe escape routes to the US for over 2000 refugees who faced grave danger.

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