Who is Jonathan Tepper? Get to know Zoe Taper brother and family

In 2004, Zoe Tapper, an actress from England, gained significant attention for her portrayal of Nell Gwynne in the critically acclaimed film directed by Richard Eyre.

She has a brother named Jonathan Tepper, and this article will delve into the personal and professional life of Zoe Tepper and her family.

Zoe Tepper made a name for herself when she played prominent roles such as Anya Raczynski in the TV series Survivors and Mina Harker in Demons.

Who is Jonathan Tepper? Meet Zoe Taper Ha

Zoe Tapper came into this world on October 26, 1981 in Bromley, Kent, and as of 2023, she has reached the age of 41.

She was born as an only child to her parents, Robin Teper and Yvonne Teper.

Zoe has a brother named Jonathan Tepper; However, we couldn’t find much information about him.

Jonathan Tepper has no social media presence, so we have no details about his profession, age or current whereabouts.

Who is Zoe Tapper brother Jonathan Tapper? A family was investigated (source: Instagram)

In contrast, Zoe Tepper received her acting education from the Academy Drama School and the Central School of Speech and Drama.

She graduated in 2003 and soon landed a role in her first film. Before that, she performed regularly in local theaters.

Zoe Tapper has also showcased her acting skills on stage, with standout performances in the West End production of Epitaph for George Dillon and Othello at Shakespeare’s Globe.

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Jonathan Tepper’s husband is Oliver Dimmesdale

On December 30, 2008, English actor Oliver Dimmesdale tied the knot with Zoe Tapper, best known for her appearance in the TV series Survivors.

Born on 28 October 1972, Oliver gained recognition for his role as Louis Trevelyan in the BBC television series He Knew He Was Right.

Having grown up as the son of a Swiss mother, he grew up in a multicultural home in Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.

Zoe Taper has a husband
Zoe Tapper and her husband Oliver Dimmesdale (source: Instagram)

At the age of thirteen, Oliver began his career in the entertainment industry with a radio play for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

He has contributed his voice to radio productions such as In The Company of Men and Sharp Focus, and he has appeared in a number of films, including Cosi, RocknRolla and the short film Pest.

Their daughter, Eva Dimmesdale, was born in April 2011.

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Zoe Tapper net worth

as perPesdaiEnglish actress Zoe Tapper boasts an incredible net worth of $38 million as of 2023.

Tepper’s television roles include Jane Begamma in the first season of Hex, The Private Life of Samuel Pepys, Mary Collins in The Whore’s Progress and Jenny Maple in 20 Thousand Streets Under the Sky.

Additionally, Zoe Tapper portrayed Hermia in ShakespeareRe-Told: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the BBC’s 2005 adaptation/modernization of the Shakespearean play of the same name.

During 2008, Zoe Tapper appeared in two BBC productions – the TV drama The Curse of Stephto and a remake of Survivors, both of which were critically acclaimed.

Zoe Tapper
Zoe Tapper on the ITV show Grace (source: Instagram)

Her diverse acting portfolio includes playing Selina Dawes in the ITV adaptation of the novel Zika, where she played alongside Anna Medley as Margaret Prior.

Zoe also appeared in the ITV fantasy drama series Demons in 2009, where she played the role of Mina Harker, a vampire who became a monster hunter after losing her sight.

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