Who is Eduardo de Angelis? Owner of Pina Turco, family of children and net worth

Husband Pina Turco is trending on the internet, want to know about him. You can learn about the detailed information of Pina Turco by scrolling further.

Pina Torno is a popular Italian actress who has contributed to the film industry by appearing in movies and TV series and aims to entertain more with her acting.

Turco has been active in entertainment for over a decade and began her acting career by making her debut in Un Altro mondo.

The famous personality rose to prominence for her breakthrough role as Ragazza del Barista in Cha Cha Cha. This is a movie released in 2013 directed by Marco Risi.

The actress has been a part of various TV series and movies. Some include the family, the bookies and La fuggitiva.

Tarno’s notable credits are Fortuna, Gomorrah and The Vice of Hope. In these projects, her performance was more amazing than other acting features.

Who is Eduardo de Angelis? Know about Baal Pina Turku

The loving duo Pina Turco and Eduardo de Angelis share a happy married life. Many famous couples broke up after sharing married life for a short period, but the two did not part ways.

From the details of Wikipedia, the romantic duo moved forward in their love life by completing the private marriage ceremony in May 2017.

Also, the lovely couple’s wedding destination was Castel Volturno, and they may have completed it in the presence of family members.

Pina Turko’s husband works in the film industry, and represents himself as a director, writer and producer.

Pina Turco with her husband, Eduardo de Angelis. (source: Instagram)

It seems that Turco’s husband has been working in the film industry for almost two decades.

Fans of Pina Turco’s husband may admire his directorial work in Mozzarella Stories. Similarly, it is a comedy genre film with the main leads Aida Turturro and Luisa Ranieri, with several other cast members

In addition, Angelis worked with his wife in the film “Deputy of Hope”, which was released in 2018. Terano played the role of Maria in the film.

Pina Turco’s husband has given some great projects through his direction including Indivisible and Perez with two others.

Also, fans of Tourno’s husband may look forward to his upcoming directorial projects, Commandante and Radical Eye: The Life and Times of Tina Modotti.

Furthermore, Angelis has won nine awards and fourteen nominations throughout his career in the film industry.

Some awards won by Pina Turco’s husband include Golden Ciak Awards, Venice Film Festival Awards and Italian Competition Awards.

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Pina Turku: children and family

The “Another World” actress was born to her parents on August 5, 1984 in Torre del Greco, Italy.

Pina Turco and Eduardo De Angelis welcomed a little toddler to their adorable marriage looking for information on IMDb.

Also, the celebrity child’s name is Massimo De Angelis, and he enjoys a lavish life of staying in the limelight thanks to their famous parents.

Turkish corner owner
Pina Turco with her child, Massimo de Angelis. (source: Instagram)

However, the details regarding their date of birth are under research and will not be available online yet.

The lady about her family does not share details, and little information is available online.

The investigation is thorough regarding their professional lives and detailed information but has not yet been discovered at this time.

Pina Turko net worth

Pina Turco may have kept the facts about her net worth under wraps. The exact round figure on her net worth is not available.

However, Italian actress Turco may have made a decent amount of money from her work in TV series and movies.

The famous personality may have earned money from her projects, including The Lying Life of Adults and Una Femmina.

On the other hand, Turco’s husband has a net worth of $1.5 million from the information ofWiktionary.

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