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Meghan Markle would have faced a surprising ban imposed by the LVMH group on its entire chain of stores. The move follows a recent incident involving Fendi in Beverly Hills, which raised eyebrows and led to public scrutiny.

According to a source on Twitter, Meghan had a dispute with Fendi over an issue related to free gifts. It appears Meghan may have had high gifting requirements and expectations as part of an affiliate merchandising deal. Witnesses say she was involved in a public argument with the manager of the Fendi store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, accusing them of disrespect.

This incident brought to mind a similar situation a few months ago, when Meghan was seen with a $5,400 Fendi Peekaboo ICU bag while on her way to a Santa Barbara salon.

It should be noted that branding deals of this nature are typically negotiated at the corporate or PR agency level, not the individual store level. Fendi, however, is part of the LVMH Group, a world-famous luxury brand, which they have run since 1999. It is unlikely that Meghan would have entered into an affiliate sales agreement directly through the store itself.

Reports suggest Meghan may have been turned down by the Fendi ad agency responsible for the campaigns, prompting her to seek a workaround by contacting a local store directly. However, Rodeo Drive is accustomed to dealing with celebrities and handling brand deals at a corporate level, following standard procedures.

There have been previous reports, although their authenticity remains uncertain, that Meghan received free gifts in the UK and failed to return them, resulting in Prince Charles having to cover the costs. While it’s unclear whether Meghan will be welcomed by other luxury chains in the future, her recent experiences with Fendi have certainly raised questions about her expectations for brand deals.

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