Where is Katrina Khalili’s husband Chris Lawrence now? Children and family

Fans want to know who Katrina Khalili’s husband is. Find out more about her personal life.

Maria Katrina Irán Fa Halili is a Chinese-born Filipino actress and model born on January 4, 1986.

Katrina made her acting debut in 2003 as the antagonist in several TV dramas, the most notable of which were Magica, the first Filipino remake of Marimar, the second TV adaptation of Darna, Destiny Rose and the Stepdaughters.

She later gained popularity in other roles, first as an antagonist in several TV dramas.

Furthermore, she was awarded the title of Primera Kontrabida of the Philippines in 2017 for her villain playing skills.

Later, she would play heroines and anti-heroines in a large number of TV shows and films, such as One Night Only, Magdusa Ke, New, Prima Donna and Unika Hija.

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Where is Katrina Khalili’s husband, Chris Lawrence, now?

Kris Lawrence and Katrina Hilli are currently dating. Since the beginning of their relationship in 2008, they have been together for almost 15 years, two months and four days.

Khalili is a Filipino television actress who is known for her appearance in the films Gagambino, One Night Only and the Philippine television shows Marimar and Magica.

Kris Lawrence reveals relationship with ex-girlfriend Katrina Khalili (source: Philnews)

She is also known for her modeling work for magazines such as Maxim Philippines and FHM. Apparently they started dating in 2008.

Chris Lawrence, the boyfriend of Katrina Khalili, was born in Los Angeles on September 1, 1982. He is 40 years old now. Pop singer Kris Lawrence is best known for being

He signed an exclusive deal with GMA Network in 2010 and appeared on the variety show Party Pilipinas.

Lawrence joined GMA Records on March 12, 2012, along with three other musicians.

Moments of Love, which mainly contained covers of songs such as George Michael’s “Careless Whisper”, Richard Marks’ “Right Here Waiting” and Christopher Cross’ “I Will Take You Forever”, was released in 2009 after an album Lawrence’s debut, which earned the name. First appeared in 2006 under his name.

spread love; His third album, was released in 2013; His fourth Most Wanted Playlist was released in 2015 via Universal Records.

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Katrina Halili children and family investigated

Katrina Khalili is a proud mother of a five-year-old girl!

The “Kapuso Primera Kontrabida” star is discussing having a baby girl with her ex-boyfriend Kris Lawrence. Katrina claims that Katie is now helping her with the housework.

Has Katrina Halili
Katrina Khalili with her daughter (source: Gmanetwork)

I have a five year old baby. She is already on her way to school, so fast. She is arranged and ready. Now she helps at home, Katrina said.

The former “StarStruck” shift further asked when we would allow her daughter to work in the entertainment sector. “No. For her I’ll stay up late. I’ll just work even though I’m old; she just needs to study, she replied.

Katie was bright and interested in musical instruments from a young age, Katrina boasted.

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What is the net worth of Katrina Khalili?

The estimated range of Katrina Khalili’s net worth or income is between $1 million and $5 million. Her main occupation as a television actress brought her significant wealth.

Khalili share in her first soap opera, Forever in My Heart, in 2004, playing Jennylyn Mercado’s rival, Janelle Barnaba.

She later appeared as a supervillain in Darna and Majika, two well-known GMA fantasy series. She plays the positive character Ashley Cleaver in the movie Lupine, which premiered in April 2007.

Considering that Katrina is a well-known actress, we are sure that her net worth will continue to rise.

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