Where are Archie and Lilibet? Meghan Markle’s Parking Lot Pap Shots Unintentionally Reveal Empty Nest

Meghan Markle, a die-hard Taylor Swift fan, once again made a stylish appearance during a carefully orchestrated paparazzi walk. As reported by Page Six, Meghan donned a set worth over five thousand dollars, sporty designer clothes that seemed more suited to the cooler weather in Sunny Montecito, California.

Although the temperature was around 70 degrees, she was seen wearing a camel-colored Max Mara Raspoli coat, which has since been discontinued. The coat was accompanied by a blue and beige printed cashmere Hermès shawl worth $1,225, as well as white trousers.

Interestingly, despite the newfound freedom to choose her attire, Meghan seems to favor beige tones, prompting comments from royal enthusiasts. Her ensemble was completed with black and beige Chanel pumps, valued at around one thousand one hundred and fifty dollars, a Givenchy belt priced at four hundred and fifty dollars, and a large Gucci shopping bag worth $1,650.

During her walk through a parking lot, Meghan was accompanied by an apparent bodyguard. Curiously, his bodyguard was dressed in a short-sleeved shirt, contrasting with his hot outfit, prompting some observers to find the scene unconventional.

One particular detail caught the eye of royal fans: a circular patch on Meghan’s wrist. It has led to discussion and speculation online, adding to the scrutiny surrounding Meghan’s public appearances.

However, amid comments about his attire and bodyguard attire, another intriguing observation emerged. The absence of her children, Archie and Lilibet, from the outing raised questions. Meghan’s parenthood has been a topic of discussion, as her children have rarely been seen in public. This has led to speculation that they exist and some critics suggest that she uses images of other children and employs photo manipulation techniques.

Interestingly, Meghan’s recent pap walk in the parking lot raises further questions about her family’s whereabouts. While she’s often captured in solo snaps, her children’s limited visibility with Prince Harry has raised doubts. The lack of verified evidence of Archie and Lily with their parents has fueled such speculation.

Despite these controversies, Meghan’s presence in various public scenarios continues to capture attention. Whether it’s her choice of dress or her remarkable outings, Meghan Markle’s actions remain under the watchful eye of the public and the media.

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