When Amber Heard was trolled for going braless in a mosque

While she has always been a queen of controversy, Hollywood actor Amber Heard created a surprise by deciding to end her legal dispute with her ex-husband Johnny Depp. But the actress has always courted controversy. Here’s a look back at her distaste for fashion during a visit to Turkey.

In 2020, the actress made headlines for visiting a mosque in Istanbul, without a bra. People slammed on social media for the fashion disaster.

Amber went on a trip to Turkey in 2020 and posted some photos from her trip on her social media accounts. A photo shows Amber visiting a mosque, wearing a camisole paired with a headscarf and shirt. The actress reportedly popped her bra and that’s what got some social media users really angry.

Sharing her photo on Instagram, Amber Heard captioned, “Spent the day wandering the magic of Istanbul’s mosques and couldn’t be more in love with this beautiful city…”

“Amber Heard showed no respect to Islam when she visited a mosque in Turkey. Amber…if you want to respect Muslims…wear a bra and hijab properly when visiting a property holy. It is considered disrespectful in Turkey and a mockery of religion,” one user wrote.

“She should have kept in mind that she was visiting a holy place,” added another user.

The Aquaman actress took to social media to respond to the trolls and wrote, “No. Apparently whoever paid 4 this to b ‘wrote’ didn’t get paid enough. I’ll give that back easier (more).”

Amber Heard concluded: “Mosques are real places. The same goes for museums and churches. The same goes for scarves (where they are sometimes required on the second visit). Mystery solved.”

This sparked even more outraged fans and one user on Twitter wrote, “Amber Heard has no respect for religion or race. Posted while visiting a mosque. Using a hijab as a fashion accessory. Hair and neck showing and br*less,” as reported by The Mirror.

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