What’s Inside? Prince Harry & Meghan’s Montecito Clash: Loud and Jarring Crash

It seems that a loud, discordant crash was heard emanating from a certain mansion. Could it be Shay Sussex, the eco-friendly and sustainably-derived dinnerware, at the low price of $250 per dish of soup, plus a contribution to an indigenous charity of their choice, that would be launched?

Imagine the heated clashes between Meghan and Harry as another deal falls through, while facing scathing criticism from industry insiders. Did they really believe that they could easily get wealth without toiling for it? Don’t they recognize the hard work the rest of us have put in? The Duchess seemed to have thought she had said goodbye to such hard and laborious work.

After marrying the fifth in line for the throne and establishing a base in the United States, Meghan Markle, once an aspiring actress and girl with suitcases in “Deal or No Deal”, expected all those Hollywood elites who had previously resisted her charms to bow before her. She relished the idea of ​​being a hot commodity, using her platform to spout pious podcast platitudes about female empowerment or, at the very least, a specific archetype Madame envisioned.

Brilliant visitors lined up to play their relatively silent roles, all because of their ancestral power, which they pretended to despise in the name of justice and fairness. This allowed them to magically turn their self-pity narrative into gold.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been thrown into this royal enterprise. It was a brilliant idea – Harry and Meghan would be the first content producers in history to not have regular jobs; they themselves would be the content that Spotify and Netflix would buy. They believed they would be wealthy for years to come selling their royal credentials to the highest bidder.

However, the Duke and Duchess seemed to have overlooked one important factor: Hollywood is an unforgiving environment, even for those with exceptional talent, which Harry and Meghan certainly don’t. Even if you work tirelessly to meet his demands, which Harry and Meghan obviously don’t, you could be fired at any moment, your contracts revoked and your fame tarnished like peeling nail polish.

Despite their media claims, Harry and Meghan’s royal status may still command respect in the UK, but that’s not true in Los Angeles. Spotify executive Bill Simmons called the couple “grifters” when the streaming company canceled its $20 million deal with them after just one season. The couple’s assertion of a mutually agreed separation was shattered by Simmons, who oversees podcast innovation and revenue.

In a moment of candid honesty on his own podcast, Simmons admitted he would have to get lost one night to help Harry come up with a podcast concept. “One of my greatest stories is this…them, the thieves, the scammers, the scammers looking to make a quick buck,” he said. To loosely translate American slang, I found out that the only thing Americans despise more than a crook is a whiner.

During my extensive book tour of the United States, covering 23 cities in 25 days, I observed that even people with legitimate grievances are cautious about whining. Americans value gratitude, so being perceived as ungrateful is strongly discouraged.

Note that even the most famous people assure that they express their gratitude for the opportunities presented to them. The Sussexes have somehow managed to embody the catastrophic double whammy of being both whiner and con artist.

Another scathing quote comes from the remarkable Bill Simmons: “You live in Montecito, and you just sell documentaries and podcasts, and nobody cares what you have to say about anything unless you talk about the royal family, and you complain about it.” It seems to be open season on this misguided couple.

After facing such sharp criticism, Jeremy Zimmer, the head of United Talent Agency and one of the most influential players in the entertainment industry, added to the growing disapproval by saying he was not shocked by Spotify’s decision. “Turns out Meghan Markle wasn’t a great audio talent or necessarily any type of talent,” he candidly remarked in an interview with Semaphore News. Just being famous doesn’t automatically make you good at anything.

Ouch! The sharks started circling, causing significant damage to the couple’s reputation. As more heinous reports surface, it becomes clear that turning down an offer to appear on Archetypes, a show Meghan herself wrote, was not a good fit for Taylor Swift. Taylor, who An author who was invited to appear as a guest on Meghan’s podcast recently shared her experience, revealing a rather peculiar occurrence.

Upon her arrival, the author discovered that Megan herself had never spoken to her or even met her. Instead, the producer approached her, and later Meghan’s voice was edited into the audio to create the illusion that she had conducted the interview herself. Such behavior is not only rude but also lacks class.

Apparently, this was standard practice, with only the most high-profile guests allowed to have real conversations with Meghan. It’s kind of expected from someone who complained, “I can’t believe I’m not getting paid for this”, during a royal visit to Australia. It looks like the poor thing was only given a £32m wedding and a former title she could use in return as a platinum reserve card.

Adding to the intriguing saga were rumors of a brainstorming session between Harry and a Duke, where the latter suggested that Harry interview notable figures like Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin to delve into their traumas of childhood and understand how they affected their mental health, ultimately contributing to world peace. However, one can’t help but wonder if Prince Harry even has a working brain to engage in such endeavors.

While the Harry and Meghan documentary has been created as the most successful Netflix release to date, the appeal of delving into their private grievances seems to be diminishing. Harry’s autobiography became a bestseller because it was written by a completely different author.

As for Meghan, her animated children’s film, centered on a 12-year-old girl taking inspiration from important women in history, was cancelled, saving us from what could have been a saccharin overdose. Maybe it’s time to watch Mission Impossible instead, complete with a call from the kids to their mothers.

Although the Sussexes’ contract with Netflix extends until 2025, the Wall Street Journal warns of a graveyard of unfinished video productions. Companies that have invested significant sums are disappointed by the lack of content produced by the couple. According to the article, Harry and Meghan struggle to create content beyond their own experiences, not understanding that a world exists outside of their privileged bubble.

Their entitlement and lack of work ethic has been clearly exposed, as they no longer command the deference they once enjoyed. Tantrums and accusations of racism won’t change their predicament. In the United States, sharks are drawn to blood, and it seems the royal credit card limit has been reached. Harry and Meghan find themselves in a precarious situation.

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