What is Michael Douglas’ creepy behavior?

There have been several allegations of scary behavior towards Michael Douglas. These allegations have been made by various people, including actresses, and range from sexual harassment and assault to inappropriate comments and actions.

One of the best-known allegations against Michael Douglas concerns an incident with actress Susan Sarandon in the late 1980s. Sarandon claimed that Douglas made inappropriate and suggestive comments to him while they were working on the film “The Lurking Fear”. Sarandon also claimed that Douglas touched her in unwanted and inappropriate ways during filming.

Another actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones, also claimed that Douglas made inappropriate comments and advances to her early in their relationship. Zeta-Jones said Douglas made inappropriate and suggestive comments about her body and appearance, as well as unwanted advances and touching.

In addition to these allegations, Douglas has also been accused of making inappropriate and offensive comments to other actresses and crew members on film sets. These comments range from sexually suggestive comments to derogatory comments about women’s bodies and appearances.

There have also been several allegations of inappropriate behavior by Douglas towards his assistants and other staff. Some people claimed that Douglas made unwanted and inappropriate advances on them, as well as sexually suggestive comments and gestures.

In recent years, Douglas has faced criticism and backlash for his handling of these allegations. Many have criticized him for denying or downplaying the seriousness of the allegations and for trying to shift the blame to the people who accused him.

Overall, Douglas scary The behavior was characterized by a pattern of inappropriate and offensive comments and actions towards women, as well as a tendency to engage in unwanted and inappropriate physical advances. These behaviors were widely condemned and had significant negative consequences for Douglas’s career and reputation.

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