Was a Jessica Simpson ‘oops’ moment

It was an “oops” moment from Jessica Simpson

Briefs, these strangers: for Jessica Simpson they are really a burden. During the Good Morning America show, the blonde singer’s skirt rose, revealing the B side of her completely devoid of panties. A show that caused the delirium of fans, but which also betrayed his image of his sex symbol, showing everyone his cellulite.

It has long been known that the bra was an “unnecessary frill” for Jessica, but so far no one had ever caught Simpson without her panties on.

It was a moment

It was a moment

Indeed, just a few days ago, she herself frankly admitted having problems with her intestine, revealing to the press: “I do a lot of gas … it also smells of roses”. Could it be because of what she decided not to wear underwear?

Overwhelming and unleashed more than ever, Jessica, after the unexpected flight of her skirt, didn’t let herself be scared and continued to sing undeterred, ignoring what was going on behind the scenes.

A few minutes after the involuntary strip, in fact, the switchboard of the television network which broadcast the show was overwhelmed by phone calls from people asking to see the scene again. And for Simpson it was still a success, despite the orange peels and the scent of the roses …

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