Troubling Signs in Meghan and Harry’s Marriage

According to a post for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s fifth wedding anniversary, it looks like the couple are headed in different directions.

The article acknowledges that the couple managed to keep their marriage intact despite initial doubts, but it also highlights signs of strain in their relationship.

The article mentions that the couple appear to be independent of each other, citing the example of a hotel chain owner in Montecito who said he has a room reserved for Harry, in which he sometimes stays alone. This suggests that their independence from each other is indicative of a potential rift.

Plus, the lack of a family photo at Christmas, Harry promoting his ‘Spare’ book without Meghan by his side, the lack of acknowledgment of their five-year wedding anniversary, the solo appearance of Harry at King Charles’ coronation and Meghan’s solo brand relaunch with WME are cited as evidence by commentators who believe their marriage is on the rocks.

It is important to note that these observations and interpretations are made by eagle-eyed commentators and observers, and do not provide definitive proof of the state of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage.

Relationships go through ups and downs, and public appearances or events can sometimes be misinterpreted. Ultimately, the true nature of their marriage can only be known by the couple themselves.

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