Torn Between Meghan Markle and the Search for a Second Home in the UK

Meghan Markle and Harry’s potential conflict over Harry’s housing decision. Three years have passed since Prince Harry left his royal post to pursue a new life in California with his wife, Meghan Markle. The couple are currently experiencing tension due to suggestions Harry may be looking for a second property in the UK.

The Duke of Sussex is looking for a house in the UK, according to a source from New Idea magazine. Harry wants his family to spend as much time in the US as they do in the UK.

The move was prompted after he was asked to leave Frogmore Cottage earlier this year. However, the decision appears to cause a division between Harry and Meghan. While Meghan seems to cherish her life in the United States, Harry is taking the initiative to pursue this UK-based option. They plan to look for property near London. Notably, they will not be looking for property on the royal estate, as they have had problems with Frogmore Cottage. They might consider using a small apartment at Kensington Palace from time to time, but for a house in the UK they are considering making a purchase.

Since their move to the US in 2020, Meghan has only returned to the UK a few times, including the Queen’s funeral in September last year. Royal expert Duncan Larome believes Harry is unlikely to make frequent trips to the UK without Meghan in the future. This is consistent with previous visits in which Harry attended royal events without Meghan by his side, such as Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021 and the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue three months later.

The source suggests that Harry and Meghan are starting to think about where their children, Archie and Lilibet, could go to school. The jury is still out on this decision, as Harry leans more towards England, while Meghan is content with the children receiving their education in the United States.

During a recent visit to New York, Harry and Meghan both expressed concerns about their children’s futures in the digital age, emphasizing the need to protect them from being treated to “digital experiences.” While their commitment to their children’s welfare is evident, opinions may differ on how often they should visit the UK.

Duncan Larome believes that as well as allowing children to have better relationships with their extended family, the move could also bring Harry closer to his friends. Living thousands of miles away from the small, close-knit circle of friends he grew up with in the UK left him isolated.

However, it is important to note that the ongoing tensions between Harry, Meghan, Prince William and Catherine are not easy to resolve. There are no signs of the divide healing, and Duncan acknowledges there is no simple solution. Harry, however, is probably aware that his children are growing up somewhat isolated from his family in the UK.

… Prince Harry’s decision to seek a base in the United Kingdom appears to have multiple motivations, including facilitating better family relationships, allowing his children to connect with their extended family, and rekindling bonds with his friends. However, ongoing tensions within the royal family remain a significant challenge for Harry and Meghan.

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