Tom Bodett Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth, National Public Radio

Tom Bodett Biography

Tom Bodett is a prominent American voice actor, radio personality and author. Bodett currently works for several shows broadcast on National Public Radio as a correspondent, panelist and anchor. In addition, he has been the representative of the Motel 6 motel chain since 1986.

Age Tom Bodett

Tom Bodett was born in Champaign, Illinois, United States of America on February 23, 1955. He is 68 years old.

Tom Bodett Height

Bodett stands at an average height of 5 feet 12 inches (about 1.82 m).

Tom Bodett training

He attended a local high school for his gymnastics. Later, Tom joined the University of Michigan and graduated with his B.A.

Tom Bodett Family

Tom was born to his stepfather Peter C. and his faithful mother named Florence E in Champaign, Illinois, USA. His father was an American who served as a mechanical engineer. On the other hand, Bodett was an American who served as an accountant.

Husband Tom Bodett

He is married to his loving and loving wife named Rita A. Ramirez. The duo have three handsome sons

Tom Bodett Kids

He is a proud father of three beautiful sons.

Tom Bodett Net Worth

Bodett has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Career Tom Bodett

Back in the year 1986, he was building homes in Homer, Alaska. In addition, Bodett also contributed to NPR’s All Things Considered. Tom worked to record a commercial at The Richards Group ad agency and was heard on NPR about Motel 6 by a creative director.

David Fowler, the director, used him because Bodette sounded like the kind of person who lives there. In 2005, Motel 6 started using him again for wake-up calls. The chain, using its spokesperson’s voice, expected to start a more personal touch on people’s day.

Tom Bodett Books

  • The End of the Road (September 1989)
  • How Far You Can Go Without a Passport: Views from the End of the Road (Jan 1985)
  • Exploded (November 2019)
  • The Better Part of the End of the Road (October 2009)
  • Williwow! (October 2000)
  • These Great Circumstances at the End of the Road (October 2009)
  • The Big Garage on Clear Shot: Growing Up, Growing Old, and Going Fishing at the End of the Road (September 1990)
  • Growing Up, Aging and Fishing at the End of the Road (October 2009)
  • Old Fools and Young Hearts (October 2009)
  • Small comforts? More Comments and Comic Pieces (January 1987)
  • The Last Decent Parking Place in North America (October 2009)
  • Big (The) Garage on Clear Shot (January 1990)
  • Free Fall of Webster Cummings (April 1996)
  • Norman Tuttle on the last frontier. A Novel in Stories (Tom Bodett Adventure Series) (November 2004)
  • First Words (December 1998)
  • Small Comforts (October 1989)

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