They leaked scandalous banned photos of Miley Cyrus

They leaked outrageous banned photos of Miley Cyrus

The Hollywood celebrity hacker has reappeared.

Miley Cyrus has long put scandals aside. Ever since she came back with Liam Hemsworth, her great love, everything was changing in her life. However, now she’s on everyone’s lips again and it’s not because of the latest video of her paying homage to Elvis.

The singer was the victim of a hacker who posted the most daring photos of her. In some postcards, she is seen with her ex-girlfriend, Stella Maxwell. In others, she appears urinating in a parking lot and in a field.

In that same batch of photos, they also hurt Kristen Stewart, the current companion of the girl who appears in bed with Miley. The interpreter has yet to make a statement about what happened.

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