They Finally Split Up, Leaving Archie and Lili in Despair

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have expressed their willingness to pursue individual projects and explore different opportunities.

While Meghan recently teamed up with Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel at WME, Prince Harry is reportedly working on a documentary centered on Africa, a place he has a deep connection to due to extensive travel, charity work and long-term friendships.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been advised to pursue independent projects rather than undertaking all of their projects as a couple.

This would involve Harry working on his Africa-focused documentary, while Meghan embarks on her own projects.

While some think the couple’s differing interests may indicate a potential imbalance in their view of showbiz, PR expert Maya Riaz doesn’t think it will negatively impact their brand. She said: “We’ve seen Prince Harry and Meghan do things independently for a while now. I don’t think it’s detrimental to the brand, but a way for them to explore other opportunities that interest them in as individuals. I always think they’re seen together in public, and wherever opportunities arise, they’ll work together.”

In fact, Meghan and Harry continue to co-run Archewell, their organization encompassing two production companies and a non-profit foundation. They have always emphasized their commitment to working together and mentioned it in interviews, such as their conversation with American magazine The Cut.

Harry, who referred to their shared office, remarked: “Most people I know and a lot of my family members are unable to work and live together. It’s really, really weird because it looks like to a lot of pressure, but it feels natural and normal.”

While Harry’s rumored Africa documentary would be a significant solo project, it wouldn’t be his first. In January, he released his best-selling memoir, “Spare.” Megan also released her book, “The Bench,” in the summer of 2021.

Additionally, Meghan ran her podcast, Archewell Audio, separately from Harry. Additionally, the Duke is set to launch “Heart of Invictus,” a documentary series highlighting the inspiring stories of veterans and service members participating in the Invictus Games.

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