The Tucker Carlson family: There is a son Buckley Carlson and three daughters Hopey, Lily and Dorothy Carlson

With Tucker’s popularity as a TV host, his fans are interested in learning more about him. Be with us to get more details about the Tucker Carlson family.

American Republican political commentator and author Tucker Carlson lives in the country.

Since 2016, he has hosted the nightly political show Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News.

He co-hosted the network’s prime-time news debate show Crossfire from 2001 to 2005, while working as a commentator for CNN from 2000 to 2005.

Carlson Carlson has been a political analyst for Fox News since 2009, appearing as a guest or guest on various programs before launching his current show.

Carlson co-founded the right-wing news and commentary website The Daily Caller in 2010 and served in that role until 2020, when he sold his stake and left.

Family and children of Tucker Carlson

Popular host Tucker Carlson was born on May 16, 1969 in San Francisco, California, USA as of 2023, he is 53 years old.

In 1991, on August 10, Carlson married Susan Thomson Carlson. She was the daughter of the priest who served as the school’s headmaster, and they both attended St. George’s School.

Tucker Carlson with his wife and children. (source: Washington )

A loving couple with four children, Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews, named their children Hopey, Buckley, Dorothy and Lily, respectively.

Hopey Carlson, his daughter, is Tucker and Susie’s third oldest child, and she was born in Virginia in 1999. Although she grew up in Virginia, she attended St. George’s Private Boarding School in Rhode Island.

Tucker and Susie named their only son Buckley to identify Tucker’s brother.

Buckley Carlson, a recent graduate of the University of Virginia, recently joined Banks’ Capitol Hill team in Washington.

Buckley Carlson accepted an entry-level position as a special assistant in Banks’ office.

He answers calls, responds to letters from the Congressman’s Northeast Indiana, and assists with media campaigns.

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Tucker Carlson Parents and Ethnicity

Fox talk show host Tucker Carlson was born to his parents, Lisa McNair and Dick Carlson. He is of English, German and one-half Swiss-Italian descent and is the eldest son of his parents.

Artist Lisa McNair is Tucker’s mother, and former “Gonzo Reporter” Dick Carlson is Tucker’s father.

Dick Carlson was most recently a director of the lobbying organization Company Policy Impact Strategic Communications after serving as head of Voice of America, president of the Foundation for Public Broadcasting and US ambassador to the Seychelles.

Carlson’s brother, the late Buckley Peck Carlson, is almost two years younger than him and worked as a Republican political activist and communications executive.

Carlson’s parents reportedly divorced in 1976 after nine years of marriage. Carlson’s father got custody of Tucker and his brother.

When Carlson was six years old, his mother abandoned the family to live a “bohemian” lifestyle.

Carlson’s father moved Tucker and his siblings to La Jolla County in San Diego, California, where he raised them until Carlson was in the first grade.

Tucker Carlson net worth

Tucker Carlson is a television host, author and political analyst from the United States. He has accumulated a considerable amount thanks to his successful career as a TV presenter.

The Tucker Carlson Family
Tucker Carlson is a host on Fox News. (source: this week )

As the website Celebrity net worth reported, Tucker has an estimated net worth of $30 million. Fox’s salary is $6 million a year.

Carlson got a substantial book deal when he was promoted at Fox News. The sale, which reportedly cost $15 million, included many publications.

It has 3.4 million average nightly viewers, more than its competitors CNN and MSNBC combined.

Carlson and Susan downsized from a $4 million home to a $2 million home in Washington, D.C.’s Kent neighborhood in 2011. In November 2017, they sold this house for $2.04 million.

They paid $3.895 million for a new home in the same Kent area in July 2017. In July 2020, they offered that home for sale for $3.95 million, a slight increase in cost.

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