The most scandalous photo of Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor’s most scandalous photo

Elizabeth Taylor’s n ** photo released after almost 60 years

Here is the only known photo of Elizabeth Taylor, taken for her then-fiancé, Michael Todd, decades before the sexting became as poplar as it is today, has been released by a private collector. Almost 55 years ago Elizabeth Taylor took a single photo of n ** de which was eventually sold to private collector Jim Shaudis in 1980 and now after Taylor’s death Mr. Shaudis has decided to return the photo public. Countless photographs have paid homage to the fabulous figure of Liz Taylor. But none have been as revealing as this one.

The striking black and white photo shows her topless. Elizabeth Taylor was 24 at the time and considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. Longtime friend Roddy McDowall, actor and amateur photographer, convinced her to sit down for the photo in 1956. He promised it would be tasteful, like a work of art, and he was treated. as such since. Todd, whom she later married and became her third husband, was killed in a plane crash 13 months after their marriage. Taylor subsequently gave the photo to her assistant and makeup artist Penny Taylor.

Collector Jim Shaudis bought the photo in 1980 and it has not been shown in public since. But Shaudis decided to make the photo public after Taylor, aged 79, died of congestive heart failure on March 23. The photo is not the only surprise in his life that has come to light since his death, according to the London Daily Mail. Her father, art dealer Francis Taylor, and his actress wife Sara regularly attended swingers’ parties and Elizabeth was reportedly conceived at one of the parties. Other reports claim her father was a millionaire Conservative MP, Victor Cazalet, who became her godfather. In any case, she has become one of the most photographed women in the world. But there is only one photo like this. Or at least only one that we know exists.

Bonus … Here’s another revealing photo taken years later. While not nude, the sh ** rb ** a she wears is on display a lot:

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