Tara Reid lives her worst moment: Her deteriorated figure gives her away

The former teenage star had everything to be a popular actress, but alcohol and drugs worked against her.

In 1999, the premiere of American Pie allowed Tara Reid to live her long-awaited moment of glory, but unfortunately for her, she did not know how to take advantage of it and her career ended marked by scandals and her addictions. .

Tara Reid is one of the most memorable faces in the hit youth saga and her beautiful figure would have given her a popular career in film or television, but today her present is starkly opposite as shown. the latest photos circulating from at a Halloween party:

The photos once again reveal the deteriorated figure of the actress, who faced major scandals due to the alcohol and drug addictions she faced.

Her career followed the same path and after youth comedy, she failed to stand out for any of her work except her role in Scrubs or her recent appearance in Sharkado. A case similar to that of Lindsay Lohan.

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