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Surongo (Bengali: সুড়ঙ্গ, trans. Tunnel) is an epic crime thriller from Bangladesh released in 2023. Directed by talented filmmaker Raihan Rafi and produced by Alpha-i and Chorki, this gripping film features the outstanding performances of Afran Nisho and Toma Mirza in the main roles.


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Directed byRaihan Raffi
Scenario of
Story byRaihan Raffi
Produced by
CinematographySummon Sarker
Edited bySumit Ray Antor
Music by
  • Arafat Mohsine
  • Sajid Sarker
  • Emon Chowdhury


Distributed by
  • Content Specialists
  • Bioscope Movies
  • Bongoz Films
  • Shree Venkatesh Movies

Release date

Operating time

150 minutes
BudgetEast. ৳2 crores ($190,000)
Box officeEast. ৳2.5 crore ($230,000)


The story revolves around Masud, an electrician who falls deeply in love with Moyna when he meets her while fixing a lamp post. Their paths cross again when Masud fixes the fridge at Moyna’s, leading to a blossoming romance. Eventually, Masud and Moyna get married, and Masud finds a job in Malaysia to support their new life together. However, in Masud’s absence, Moyna develops an illicit relationship with Jahir, a friend of Masud who gives her gifts. Moyna flees with Jahir, only to find that he is already married. Meanwhile, Masud returns to Bangladesh to find his home due to financial difficulties. Determined to find Moyna and Jahir, Masud takes up various odd jobs, but the income is insufficient. Driven by desperation, he spends nine months digging an underground tunnel to steal money from a bank. Successfully stealing ৳340 million, Masud reveals his triumph to his ex-wife, Moyna, over a video call. The police offer a reward for information about the thief, and Moyna hands Masud over to the authorities in exchange. However, consumed with revenge, Masud manages to escape from prison through another tunnel he secretly dug and sets Moyna on fire.


  • Afran Nisho as Masud
  • Toma Mirza as Moyna
  • Mostafa Monwar as Jahir
  • Shahiduzzaman Selim as a policeman
  • Ashoke Bepari as Bank Manager
  • Monir Ahmed Shakil as the driver of the bank vehicle
  • Sanjat Hassan Tuhin
  • Nusraat Faria in a cameo appearance in an article number


The director, Raihan Rafi, expressed his deep connection to the story of “Surongo”. Despite certain limitations, he had the support of two influential producers who understood his vision. Before “Surongo”, Afran Nisho, known for his work in television, aspired to enter the world of cinema but waited for the right opportunity. Production of the film began with a groundbreaking ceremony in February 2023, and the team worked diligently to complete filming in multiple phases in different locations across Bangladesh. Notably, “Surongo” became the first Bangladeshi film to use the Alexa Mini LR camera. The post-production phase began in May 2023, with color grading done in India.


The film’s captivating soundtrack was composed by Arafat Mohsin, Sajid Sarker and Emon Chowdhury. It features the soulful voice of Dilshad Nahar Kona and the melodious duo of Tanjib Sarowar and Abanti Sithi. The soundtrack includes the tracks “O Taka Tui Amar Kolija Ar Jaan” and “O Taka Tui Amar Kolija Ar Jaan” in different versions.


During its production, the film faced some controversies. Actress Prarthana Fardin Dighi claimed that she was originally signed for a role in the film, but was later replaced by Toma Mirza. The director denied any wrongdoing, stating that no written agreement existed between them. Additionally, there were allegations of plagiarized background music in the film’s promotional trailer, which was addressed by the director stating that the proper licenses had been obtained.

Release and reception:

‘Surongo’ captured attention even before its release, with Bioskope Films acquiring the North American distribution rights. The film received an uncut certificate of censorship and was scheduled for release for Eid-ul-Adha. The film saw high demand, with pre-sales of tickets selling out quickly. Audience reactions were mixed, with praise for the performances, production quality, and unpredictable storyline. However, some criticized some adult scenes, while others expressed concerns about the portrayal of women and the use of violence.

Box office:

As of July 2023, the film has achieved substantial box office success, grossing around ৳2.5 crore from screenings at the Star Cineplex in Bangladesh. Lion Cinemas said it sold 38 lakh worth of tickets for “Surongo”.


Redoan Rony, a member of the film’s production team, hinted at the possibility of a sequel, depending on audience demand and the availability of an intriguing script.

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Surongo can go live for now only and later it will be on Chorki OTT.

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