Staff Reveals Sussexes’ Disaster Date Night at Tre Lune; Prince Harry Wants Out of Marriage with Meghan Markle

Megan and Harry were spotted together at the Trey Moon restaurant in Montecito, but according to body language expert Judy James, their looks indicate the royal couple are going through a rough patch in their marriage. In the photos, Harry seemed relegated to the role of entourage, following Megan out of the restaurant on her birthday.

James pointed out that Megan seemed to be in a cheerful and confident mood, taking the lead and engaging in conversations with different people. On the other hand, Harry’s body language showed signs of tension and concern, his lips and mouth suggesting unease.

The expert noticed that the couple weren’t as tactile as usual, with no hand hold or physical affection, which is often seen in high-profile celebrity couples on date nights. Judy James noted that Megan and Harry were apparently engaged with different guest groups, rather than presenting themselves as a united front.

After their seemingly enjoyable evening, sources claimed things turned sour when they started discussing the kids and school. Rumor has it that Harry abruptly left the table following a heated argument, shocking Megan and the other diners. The couple left separately at the end of the meal, with Megan leaving with Heather Dirac’s husband in a different vehicle.

Rumors and sightings on social media have further fueled speculation about the state of their marriage. People have noticed that Megan hasn’t worn her diamond engagement ring from Harry for some time, although she still wears a bracelet from her previous marriage.

Public appearances also looked different, with Megan and Harry being less affectionate in public compared to their previous displays of love. Some believe that their lack of physical closeness and the presence of another man may indicate underlying tensions.

There have been allegations that Harry was looking to get out of the marriage, and rumors suggest he came to realize some unpleasant truths about Megan’s personality. Whatever the truth, the couple’s recent public appearances and body language have sparked discussions about the state of their relationship.

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