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Biography Sidney Starr

Sidney Starr is an American Instagram trans singer and rapper from Chicago, Illinois, United States. She has become the latest internet star and takes her social accounts to a whole new level with her candid revelations and fearless ability to express herself. She has 241k followers on her Instagram.

Starr became famous after claiming that she had dated rapper Chingy in 2010. However, it later became clear that she was lying.

Starr rose to fame with her uploads to “World Star Hip Hop” soon taking social media through the storm with her live chats on “Periscope” and over 232 thousand followers on “Instagram”. It is also popular on Twitter and Facebook.

Sidney has a self-titled YouTube channel called “Sidney Star”, which has more than 25,000 subscribers as of now.

Sidney Starr Birthday Age

Starr is 32 years old from 2021. She it was born on February 5, 1989, in Chicago, United States of America for African American Parents.

Sidney Starr family

Not much is known about her family, although she put a childish picture of her mother on her mother’s birthday, she has not revealed anything about her family.

Sidney Starr Training

She has openly stated that she was abused at school for being transgender, but instead of mourning what people said, she chose to create her own path and is now happy with her life.

The statement proves that he learned.

Sidney Starr Boyfriend | Acquaintances

She has met many people in the past and even claimed to be familiar with the hip hop star “Chingy”. However, she later admitted to lying, asking her supporters not to judge her previous mistakes on the YouTube channel description page.

We do not have any details about the dating of Starr at this time. At the moment, she is looking to take her career to a whole new level not only on the Internet but also in the entertainment and fashion industry.

Sidney Starr Career

Sidney became famous after uploading a video of her “twerking” to popular Hip Hop songs on “World Star Hip Hop”. However, some of her viewers encouraged her to add more videos, while others had fun and did not like it.

However, Starr continued to do what makes her happy and later announced that she was a transgender model.

Many chose not to believe her and described it as a well-thought-out trick of popularity, but after providing proof of her birth certificate and photos of her baby to prove that she was truly transsexual, her videos and confessions went viral in minutes. and became a huge internet personality.

She launched her own YouTube channel, in which she is proudly described as a “transsexual diva”. This is aimed at inspiring other transgender people who are struggling to accept themselves and resist bullying.

In 2016, she appeared in the TV series “Girlfriends & Champagne” as herself in 5 episodes.

Sidney Starr Net Worth

Starr’s net worth is estimated at thousands of dollars, but no accurate estimates of its assets have been released at this time.

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