Sharon Stone says actor shouted ‘I can’t see her f—-ng t—s’ during first n-de scene

The actress says the incident on the set of ‘Irreconcilable Differences’ in 1984 left her “terrified”.

Sharon Stone has revealed an actor yelled that he couldn’t “see [her] f–ng t—s” while filming her first n-de scene.

The actress, 62, said the incident, which happened on the set of Irreconcilable Differences in 1984, left her “terrified”.

In conversation with Hollywood star Jake Picking in the August issue of Attitude – available now to download and order worldwide – Stone expresses his shock that Picking had access to an “intimate coordinator” while filming of sex scenes with co-star Jeremy Pope in Ryan Murphy’s Netflix series.

“They didn’t have that in my day,” Stone tells Picking. “When I did my first movie, which was Irreconcilable Differences, I had a topless scene. And they didn’t even clean the set.

“Everybody’s on set, like a million people on set. And I take off my top and this actor is screaming, ‘Do you want to get out? I can’t even see her boobs.

Stone, who received an Attitude Award in 2014 for her decades of AIDS activism, continued, “And I’m so terrified. You know when you can hear your heart beating in your ears? That’s all I could hear.

“And I hear him shout, ‘Stand aside. I can’t see her fucking tits. I’m just like, don’t talk about intimacy coordinator.

She adds, “Oh my God. It was such a nightmare. I mean, when they asked me if I had #MeToo [experiences]…”

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