Sarah Weisglass’s Boyfriend: Is She Dating Jeremy Cullen? Family and net worth

Sarah Weisglass’ boyfriend has been a topic of discussion as her fans want to know whether or not she is still dating social media influencer Jeremy Kellan.

Sarah Weisglass, 24, was born on July 3, 1998 in Toronto, Ontario. She made her way in the entertainment industry as a child actress and is a star in her own right.

She began her career in television through commercials, where her first job was at Kentucky Fried Chicken before entering the entertainment industry.

She made her industry debut starring in a comedy drama series called “The Jane Show” as 8-year-old Jane in 2007. In 2008, she made her breakthrough starring role in the psychological thriller “Afterward.”

Due to her impressive performance in Geordie Cooper’s family drama series “Decided”, Sarah’s fame grew in an unimaginable way.

The fine Canadian actress was also nominated as a young returning and emerging actress for the Young Entertainer Award in 2016. Apart from this, she also started modeling at the age of fifteen.

She played a tense role as a bold gay character in the recent Netflix series Ginny and Georgia. Well, for that, she was much admired.

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Sarah Weisglass’s Boyfriend: Is She Dating Jeremy Cullen?

The stunning actress is currently in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, Jeremy Cullen. Cologne, a social media influencer, is her high school classmate.

Before entering into a beautiful relationship, they were reported to be very good friends since their school days.

Mostly Sarah seemed to be enjoying her relationship as she continued to take pictures of her boyfriend and share them on her social media.

This is probably due to her desires to share her relationship openly.

Weisglass likes to share photos as she posted her boyfriend’s birthday in September 2019 with the caption, “I love you my man, you’re my best friend,” on her Instagram.

Sarah having fun with her boyfriend Jeremy Kellan (source: Instagram)

Although the exact source is unknown, they were rumored to have ended their relationship in late 2019 during the pandemic.

Later the actress herself shared photos on her Instagram handle with the caption, “A few years ago Jeremy signed my yearbook: ‘Hope we keep in touch, have a good summer’. Look at us now.”

Besides, she also posted together, indicating that she misses holding his hands.

However, the latest post featuring both of them together gives the message that the couple is enjoying their love life.

We can say that they are another milestone in their young romance.

Who are the Weissglass parents? A family was interrogated

Sarah Weisglass is the youngest daughter of Jeff Weisglass and Tess Weisglass.

Her father, Jeff, is a doctor by profession, a dentist, to be exact. However, her mother’s details are yet to be revealed.

Sarah’s older sister, Carly Weisglass, is a legal consultant in Canada. Well, Weissglass adores her sister a lot and never misses to wish her on her birthday.

She has a JD and a BSW and is currently on the Canadian Jury.

Sarah Weisglass family
Sarah Weisglass is enjoying herself with her family (source: Instagram)

The lady shows deep love for her family as she keeps posting pictures by their side on her Instagram account.

Sara is the ultimate daddy’s little girl as she often posts cute childhood photos with her dad on her Instagram handle and praises him as her idol.

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Sarah Weisglass Net Worth

Sarah Weisglass net worth has not yet been revealed. Despite this, she receives a handsome salary from Netflix TV shows, short films and web series.

Apart from this, Weissglasses earns from promoting brand products, sponsorship and brand support deals.

The young and fantastic actress has gained years of experience as a TV show artist and model and has gained a lot of fame, success and money.

Moreover, she acquires decent earnings from her modeling career, and Sarah is a screenwriter, which adds to her fortune.

With her substantial income, Sarah, along with her family, lived a life of luxury.

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