Samantha Markle Criticizes Meghan Despite Daughter’s Support

Samantha Markle, Meghan Markle’s half-sister, has been known to criticize the Duchess of Sussex in public despite her daughter, Ashleigh Hale, speaking positively about Meghan.

Ashleigh was featured in the Prince Harry and Meghan documentary, where she expressed her love and admiration for Meghan.

While Ashleigh is one of the few people Meghan keeps close to her, Samantha has failed to convince her daughter that Meghan is not a good person. In fact, Samantha made it a point to slander Meghan at every opportunity.

In a recent interview with Australian TV channel Channel 7, Samantha revealed why she thinks her relationship with Meghan has become so strained.

Samantha Markle slams Meghan despite her daughter's support

She claimed Meghan had distanced herself from the paternal side of the family, including Samantha, because they weren’t “good enough” for the Royal Family.

Samantha also alleged that Meghan’s relationship with Prince Harry was “toxic” and that she had not been honest with the Royal Family or with Harry about her family’s true character.

The relationship between Meghan and her family members, including Samantha, her father Thomas Markle and her brother Thomas Jr, has been strained for years.


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