Richard Moll: Career, wife, children and net worth

A difficult game but what is more difficult is if you add narration duties to it. The sound provided in different films tends to be different, so the work becomes louder. Richard prostitute, On the other hand, makes both easy. Richard is a prominent actor as well as the voice artist.


He is married and already divorced, which suggests that there is more to know about him. Stay tuned so we can provide detailed information. First of all, some quick facts help in searching for sure

Richard Moll: Quick facts

full nameCharles Richard Moll
Date of birth1941/01/13
nicknameRichard Moll
Marital Statusonly
Place of birthCalifornia, USA
ethnic originwhite
age78 years old
professionActor, voice artist
height6’8 inches
Eye colorHeat
hair colorgray
to buildaverage
Net worth$ 7 million
Last update[current-month], 2021

Who is Richard Moll?

Charles Richard Moll He is an American voice artist and actor who has gained fame from his work at Night Court. His love life is quite fascinating and shares two children.

Age and parents

Richard was born on January 13, 1943 in California. His parents’ name is Harry Findley prostitute and Violet Anita. Surprisingly there is no information about any of the siblings, indicating that he is the only child.

Richard is 77 years old at the moment. The actor holds American citizenship along with white ethnicity. Being born in January, his zodiac sign falls under Capricorn, suggesting that he is loyal and disciplined.

Body dimensions: height and weight

Mol is in his late 70s and must have gone through all his prime at the peak. But still, he’s the legend of the game, and some people are watching him.

Well, the actor is at the peak of 6’8What readers may not have known is the fact that he was 6 feet when he was only 12 years old.

To round such a high height, the weight is also on an upward trend, which is considered at the hour 100 Kg.

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With increasing age, this player does not focus on keeping the body very fit, which implies that he is in the average forecast.

Everything in the statistics of the vital body is also under the radar. Richard does not deal with information sharing for the media, and the era has made him silent in the body of information sharing.

To complete the physical outlook, gray hair and dark brown eyes play a vital role.

Early days and education

Richard was born in California and spent his childhood there with his family. No information about the siblings indicates that he is an only child and very pampered. His father was a lawyer while his mother is the nurse.

There was a pretty strict environment in the family, but Mol was always sure he wanted to be a player of perseverance.

The name of the school where he received his education is a mystery. Still, sources claim he was part of the University of California precisely from the Capa Alpha Order fraternity.


From a very young age, Mol was interested in being an actor and well he did his best to make it happen.

But for the movie debut, it came 1977 With Brigham. His role was not so significant, and fans could barely recognize him.

He played the role of Joseph Smith in the film.

This, as a result, took him more than three years to find another role in cataclysm. But slowly and steadily big things started to happen to the player.

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Some of the standout works in the film include Caveman, Evilspeak, The Sword and The Sorcerer, Think Big, Sidekicks and many more. Most fans of modern movies might think the opposite is the old school.

Well, think twice. His current film roles are found in several large banners.

They are listed as Hemingway, BFFs, Kids Vs Monsters, Razor, Circus Kane, Stay Belles and many more. Not only movies but also TV is the right place for the actor.

Most people do not seem to notice but he was also a cast member in the horror comedy film ‘Scary Movie 2’. He was the invisible spirit in the movie, most of the time, maybe that’s why people do not remember seeing him in the movie.

Moreover, in the days when he was the star of Night Court, one of the episodes introduced Lou Fringo as a guest. The episode has garnered much better views and is still to this day an iconic episode.

Especially, the scene where the front hugs Peringo from behind.


The premiere with 1978 project Welcome diameter See many famous roles. Big Pot and Wildboy, Best of the West, Here’s Boomer, The Time Crystal, TJ Hooker, Remington Steele, Super Password, The Facts of Life and so ‘

Moreover, he also appeared in an episode in the second season of the TV show ‘Supernatural’.

Even in the current millennium, Richard fails to impress. Lake Effects, Cold Case, Ghost Shark, Anger Management, Pub Quiz Proves justice with his eternal skills without a doubt.

Voice Works

Besides the world of video games of the movies and series is his big fan. The voice that the actor provided for these projects is undoubtedly more prominent than the rest.

His contribution to this field of entertainment includes Batman and Robin Adventure Center, Outlaws, The Amazing Hulk: The Ultimate Destruction, Dante’s Inferno And others.

Although the actor towards the late 70s to his life the contribution, and unceasing devotion is still present in him. We feel that more of it is still ahead of us and make the audience amazing for sure.

Apart from acting and playing, he was also involved in the music industry. Richard once toured and performed as the lead singer of the metal band called Napalm Death.

Who is Richard Moll’s wife?

Richard may be the best man on screen with all the features to steal your heart, but in real life, his heart has been broken not once but twice.

Yes, the actor is married and divorced twice. The voice artist’s first wife is Laura status.

There is no information on how and where they met, but sources claim the two love birds went through the aisle November 26, 1988. It was in the presence of family and friends. Things went well even though they did not share any children.

But a disaster occurred 1992 When the couple decided to make room for each other.

Mol suffered immense pain from the divorce, but Susan Brown healed the entire wound. Immediately within a year, the talented man married Brown.

It was a pretty unique wedding, and fans thought he was a settled person. The main reason to think so is the two children the couple has a child with.

Everything was almost perfect when they decided to divorce.

B 2005 The two lovebirds continued on their merry journey and parted. However, after this breakup, Mol decided to stay single and not fall in love with any woman. Well, he made too secretive in any love affair.

Net value of Richard Moll: income and salary

During his long career spanning five decades, Richard has been part of 150-plus projects. But not everyone has reaped huge benefits for him for sure.

As of 2020, Richard holds the net worth of $ 7 million. For a player in his status and composure, the amount should not come as a huge surprise.

Even at this age he loves to make movies and be a part of the entertainment, so surely it will grow.

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In my free time though, Mol is interested in listening to music and staying home, which may also be due to the age factor. Although the net worth is known, the annual income and assets owned are a distant thing.

Hunger for the Internet

Richard Moll is the man of the 70s, 80s, 90s and so on, but still, he is not seen on any social media. We can say somewhat that he is from the old school and likes to connect with fans physically and not through the internet.

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