Richard Exposes Meghan Markle’s Plan to Launch a Fake Version of Goop to Overshadow Queen’s Death Anniversary

Richard revealed Meghan’s plan to launch a fake version of Goop in a bid to eclipse the anniversary of the Queen’s death. Recently, on his old account (formerly Twitter), Richard shed light on Meghan’s strategy for building her personal brand. We know that she is working on a new version of her blog to replace The Tig, copying all the content from Goop.

This decision is also linked to her return to Instagram, intended to generate speculation and draw attention to her. However, scheduling the premiere of ‘The Day of the Queen’s Coke Singer’ is seen as a sinister act aimed both at attacking the Royal Family and distracting attention from Meghan’s personal agenda.

Meghan Markle is gearing up for a big new business venture that matches herself, inside sources say. Although not a relaunch of his lifestyle blog, The Tig, this project reflects his identity and direction.

This development follows the dramatic exit from the Sussexes’ lucrative Spotify project. The Daily Telegraph’s Victoria War reports that Meghan’s next project will be genuine and is likely linked to her imminent return to Instagram, where she could potentially earn up to $1 million per post.

Insiders suggest the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are working on individual projects that reflect their unique professional interests and talents. Although they support each other’s concepts and ideas, their goals differ from each other. Meghan’s return to Instagram, reported by the “@Megan” account, is eagerly awaited by fans and friends.

This new account has already garnered a lot of attention, boasting thousands of followers, including Meghan’s friends and associates.

Prior to her marriage to Prince Harry in 2018, Meghan had over 3 million followers on her personal Instagram account. Additionally, tens of thousands of fans have subscribed to his now-defunct lifestyle blog, The Tig. Meghan previously expressed her desire to return to Instagram in an interview with The Cut, and it appears her rejoining the platform is imminent.

Prince Harry’s return to the UK has raised concerns among some senior royals as it could distract from the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s death. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be in Britain for the Well Child Awards ceremony, scheduled for September 7, just a day before the country commemorates the first anniversary of the Queen’s death. Some believe that Harry’s appearance and speech at the Well Child Awards could overshadow this important event.

It should be noted that even though Prince Harry does not engage in any controversial activities during his visit and attends his engagements as a private citizen, his mere presence should attract media attention.

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