‘Revoke Your Duchess of Sussex Title’

Comparing the Duchess of Sussex to the Duchess of Kent recently revealed an interesting angle. Meghan Markle appears to have learned a valuable lesson about the importance of having a royal title from the actions of the Duchess of Kent. In many ways, Meghan’s narrative is perfectly embodied by the Duchess of Kent. She was once surrounded by royalty, breathtaking beauty and glitz as the wife of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, cousin of the late Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

But the Duchess of Kent made a surprising choice in the 1990s. She asked the Queen for permission to revoke her title of Royal Highness. This decision was deeply rooted in his life experiences, including his personal tragedies, health problems, and conversion to Roman Catholicism. The queen, known for her compassion, granted his request. After her retirement from royal life, the Duchess of Kent virtually disappeared from the public eye. Despite her previous status, she chose to live a life devoid of a royal title.

Instead, she became involved in charity work, notably for UNICEF, and took on the role of music teacher at a primary school in Hull, an industrial working-class town in the north-east of England. As a music teacher, she passionately taught inner-city children, without seeking recognition or using her royal title. The Duchess of Kent’s selfless actions are a testament to her love of music, children and her desire to make a positive impact. It is worth noting that the Duchess of Kent is twice Meghan’s age, but she exudes a timeless beauty that reflects her inner kindness and dedication to service.

Comparing the two, it’s evident that Meghan and Harry seem consumed by their own endeavors, while the Duchess of Kent exemplifies what a life dedicated to service really looks like. Meghan’s life seems to revolve around internet activities, grievances, feuds and an insatiable desire for public attention. The Duchess of Sussex’s reported efforts to retain her royal title suggests an underlying motive. Some believe that Meghan and Harry may have hidden agendas in their quest to retain their titles, recognizing the advantages of these titles in certain social circles.

Amid all this, there are persistent rumors that Harry is considering splitting from Meghan. If such a separation were to occur, the royal family would likely revoke Meghan’s title. This potential outcome could prove devastating for her, as retaining the royal title appears to be of paramount importance to her.

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