Reveal Photoshop editing and retouching in new photos of Kendall Jenner

This is the truth behind Kendall Jenner’s perfect new photoshoot!

The Kardashian-Jenner clan, made up of Khloé, Kim, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie, have been known to fall victim to photoshop errors or digital retouching. Many of his photographs have been exposed by users, who have repeatedly discovered that some of his posts were retouched with an editing program.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner posed in an amazing new photoshoot for her sister Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand called ‘Skims’. The popular sisters posed in fantastic bikinis, which showed off their physical attributes, but it was the model who stole all eyes after sporting an impact body.

Kendall even became a trend after uploading a few photos from the shoot to her Instagram, but a social media account believes she discovered a Photoshop error in one of the model’s images.

Kendall shows off a beautiful body in a bikini, but they find a photoshop error in the photo!

Two Instagram accounts revealed a Photoshop error in Kendall Jenner’s new photo:

“Kendall Jenner on instagram vs real life. She has elongated her torso and hence her belly button looks slimmer. Also the video she posted is also edited, you can see the curtain/wall warp as she moves. (Oh and she smoothed her lower body, remember it’s completely normal not to be completely smooth there),” the post read.

However, Internet users did not agree with this observation and assured that the photo of Kendall is not retouched:

“Her belly can’t move when she takes a picture?” This page is ridiculous”, “Wearing a skimpy bikini lengthens your torso!”, “You’re going too far, there’s no proof of editing in this video”, and “The curtain moves with your hair in looks,” netizens wrote.

Another account explained that yes, Kendall’s photos are airbrushed, though that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have body impact.

“1. Do you remember when you were 6 years old that you were sold the barbie everywhere and that you wanted it madly? It’s called marketing, now you’re not 6 anymore but you want the body of this plastic doll that had no other body types, just this one, and this concept of the ideal body is so anchored in you that the “best” way to sell for companies is to sell this organization. There’s too much wrong here, not least because in marketing the female body is a product, and ends up being edited as a product, where are the groins?

2. We’re not going to say that his body “isn’t real”, of course it’s real because it exists, it’s thin or stylized, that doesn’t mean it’s not real , the problem is that this type of body is not common, a thin body with many curves is NOT common, and Kendall is no exception, he is edited so that more curves are seen, in the second photo , you can see his real and divine body.

And you, do you think Kendall’s new photo has Photoshop?

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