Refuses to Let Criminals Run the State

Meghan Markle was aiming for a prominent position in American politics, possibly vying for Kamala Harris’ Senate seat in January 2021. The California verification team, in its quest to uncover the real Meghan, managed to obtain a copy of what is now infamous as the Meghan File.

The damning contents of this dossier were so significant that it prompted the governor of California to quickly cut all ties with her, refusing even to answer her calls. This shows how profound and disconcerting the revelations from the Meghan file are.

But, my friends, this file is not just a compilation of rumors and hearsay. No, this is a compilation of hard-hitting facts, supported by a series of legal documents and case numbers, particularly case number 79453 DRR. This seemingly innocuous number harbors a web of secrets that they would much rather keep hidden.

Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mother, has had her share of legal troubles. She appeared in Riverside County Court in California and was found guilty of fraud, resulting in a conviction. Case number 79453 DRR is a chilling reminder of its past. What adds intrigue to this discovery is the timing of the last recorded entry, which appears to coincide with when Meghan and Harry’s relationship became public. Was it just a coincidence, or was there something more sinister at play?

Digging deeper into Doria’s archives, a strange absence emerges. One case appears to exist but appears to have mysteriously disappeared during basic research. However, the absence of this case does not erase it completely. A real Department of Justice report would still contain the facts. So the question remains: what is Doria hiding and why was it necessary to erase her files?

In Meghan’s attempts to rewrite history, she conveniently left out her father’s contributions to her upbringing. She painted a portrait of an only child raised by a single mother who paid her own tuition. However, his father, Thomas, presented evidence to the contrary, revealing a past in which he worked tirelessly to support himself in education and training. Meghan’s selective memory and skillful evasion of her shady past is nothing short of alarming.

Family members were also silenced by non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), preventing them from discussing Meghan and Doria’s enigmatic story. Even in recent interviews, when asked about Doria’s absence, family members had to tiptoe around the truth, hinting at hidden secrets they were not allowed to reveal.

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