Rashad McCrorey Biography, Age, Family, Movement, Career, Works, Wiki

Rashad McCrorey Wiki/Bio, Age, Family, Movement, Career, Works
Rashad McCrorey biography

Rashad McCrorey is an African American activist, entrepreneur, and writer. Born and raised in Harlem, New York. Rashad McCrorey is known to have brought hundreds of African Americans as first-time visitors to various counties in Africa. His accomplishments also include the first African American journalist of the being Modern Ghana newspaper, writing in the Diaspora, Lifestyle and Opinion sections of the newspaper.

Rashad McCrorey Wiki/Bio

Quick facts
Born November 2, 1979
Age40 years (as in 2020)
Place of birthNew York, United States
EducationDrew University: Masters of Divinity
OccupationActivist, entrepreneur, writer.


Rashad McCrorey was born on November 2, 1979, in New York, USA. His parents are from South Carolina and later they moved to New York City.

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Human rights

Rashad’s first human rights event was March 13, 2014, March for Justice for All in Washington, where Rashad organized Drew University students to join the National Action Network at a rally in Washington, DC where thousands of people protest the recent death of unarmed African Americans. men in the hands of the police. During the march on Washington, The Hill interviewed Rashad where he revealed that it was his third rally in three days in his third state.

Writer at Modern Ghana

In January 2020, he became the first African American journalist for Modern Ghana, writing in the Diaspora, Lifestyle and Opinion sections of the newspaper.

Positive effect

Three weeks after the march, Rashad made his first trip to the African continent by visiting the country of Ghana. Ghana had such a positive impact on Rashad’s life, he retired from school for one semester to return to Ghana where he had the idea of ​​setting up a tourism business to bring other members of the African diaspora in Ghana with the intentions of the country. the same positive effect on others as on him.

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Remarkable works

2016Ghana Cross CultureBring African Americans to Ghana
2017Egypt Cross CultureBring African Americans to Egypt
2018Africa Cross CultureBring African Americans to various countries on the African continent, including Kenya and Rwanda.
2020Modern GhanaThe first African American in modern Ghana

Did you know…

  1. In 2020 Rashad began a giveback campaign to the continent starting with funding 200 Ghanaian children to a field day trip and fundraising efforts to Aburi Botanical Gardens.
  2. As of 2019, Rashad had to take approximately 300 first time African Americans visitors to Africa.
  3. He is the first African American journalist to write for Modern Ghana.
  4. He gained popularity by taking the African America Human Rights campaign globally beginning with Ghana
  5. Rashad started human rights in 2014.

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