Princess Diana doppelganger spills Prince Harry ‘fanstasies’ on OnlyFans

Princess Diana looks alike talks about making millions on social media

The Princess Diana lookalike explains how she makes a living through OnlyFans.

She told the Daily Star: “I’m constantly told I look like Princess Diana, I’ve constantly been asked to do custom naughty movies as Princess Diana.

“I’m the same height as her, I’m from Windsor, I live in Devon now and I make around $250,000 (£206,000) a year doing what I do. I get asked to play a role as her, naughty custom movies as her, all that kind of stuff.

“The most common is mother, son and that might sound a little weird,” she said. “But people like to pretend they’re Harry or William and mum taking care of them, that’s common,” she says.

Lauren Spencer, who is popular on the app, says people want her to play the former Princess of Wales, due to her uncanny resemblance to the Royal.


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