Princess Anne Angry with Prince Harry Despite Avoiding Public Scene at Coronation

The Princess Royal played a leading role in the coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla as an active member of the Royal Family and as a ‘Gold-Stick-In-Waiting’.

Not only did she lead the motorcade, but she also appeared alongside the royal couple on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

It has been noted that Princess Anne’s position in the coronation portrait underlined King Charles’ respect for her.

During the ceremony, eagle-eyed fans may have noticed an exchange between Princess Anne and Prince Harry that would have surprised their fellow royals.

Jennie Bond, the BBC’s former royal correspondent, has claimed Princess Anne may have chosen to speak to her nephew to avoid a “public scene”. However, according to Jennie, Princess Anne is “absolutely furious” with Prince Harry.

Speak frankly with OK! magazine, Jennie expressed her belief that Princess Anne chose to “compartmentalize” at the coronation. While she has a good relationship with her nephew, Prince Harry’s allegations have affected her.

“Princess Anne is a very simple and straightforward person,” Jennie explained. “She speaks her mind and claims nothing. She probably looks like her late mother, Queen Elizabeth, who was able to compartmentalize everything she was told. So when the family was going through hardship, but she had a job to do, she could put that aside and focus on her responsibilities. I think Anne is probably a bit like that too.”

Jennie then reflected on how this approach may have influenced Princess Anne’s conversation with Prince Harry, saying: “It was only natural for her to stop and chat with her nephew, who I thinks she’s had a good relationship over the years, rather than causing a public spotlight.”

The royal expert then suggested that while Princess Anne may think it best to be kind, she is ‘completely sure that deep down inside Anne is absolutely furious with Harry’ for allegedly upset Queen Elizabeth “during her last years”.

Queen Elizabeth died at Balmoral in September 2022, months before Prince Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’ was published. However, the Sussexes’ tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry’s appearance on the Armchair Expert podcast and news of the book’s publication all happened during his remarkable reign.

Jennie speculated that Princess Anne might be “very unhappy” with Prince Harry’s allegations. However, she acknowledged that the coronation was neither the time nor the place to discuss such issues. Jennie said the Princess Royal and her nephew seemed “very relaxed together”.

“She would have put her feelings aside to some extent, but I’m sure she’s angry at the damage he’s done to the royal reputation because she works so hard,” the expert said.

Prince Harry’s attendance at the coronation marked the first public meeting with the Royal Family, including Princess Anne, since ‘Spare’ was published. It is unclear when he will next come face to face with his aunt, who continued to demonstrate her hardworking nature with an incredibly busy schedule of post-coronation commitments.

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