Prince William thinks his mother Diana’s pain is being sold?

Prince of Wales angry at ‘dramatizing it for financial gain’

It is claimed that parts of Princess Diana’s Panorama interview will be depicted in the new series of The Crown.

It is revealed that Prince William believes his mother’s Panorama interview is being used for profit. A news outlet, citing Palace sources, claimed the Prince of Wales was unhappy as his mother’s pain was being sold by some networks.

In May 2021, William reportedly said the interview should “never air again”. He said he had no legitimacy and had been building a false, marketed narrative for years.

Diana’s eldest son also admitted it brought him ‘indescribable sadness’ that the interview contributed so significantly to the ‘fear, paranoia and isolation’ Diana would have felt in the final years of her life. life.

A source told that the future king had made his feelings about it “very clear” and that a fictional portrayal would be “responded in the way you would expect”. They added that, given the strong personal statement he made, it was understandable if he was angry at the “dramatization of it for profit”.

The royal dram may also reflect the ‘misleading’ way the interview, where the late princess told Martin Bashir that ‘there were three of us in this marriage’, was obtained and its consequences.

Tim Davie, director general of the BBC, apologized to Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry earlier this year “for the way Princess Diana was deceived and the resulting impact on their whole life”.

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