Prince Harry’s Outburst as Meghan Markle’s Birthday Invitations to Willim & Kate Unravel

Meghan Markle is preparing to make Prince Harry’s 39th birthday even more special by celebrating it on Friday, September 15. Currently, the couple is in Dusseldorf, Germany, where they are attending the 2023 Invictus Games and plan to stay for the weekend. Harry and Meghan are expected to attend the closing ceremony on Saturday.

Meghan, who flew from Los Angeles on Tuesday, made a brief stopover in London to reunite with her husband. On Tuesday evening, she addressed the crowd at a reception, apologizing for her absence during the three days leading up to the Olympics. This absence was due to the needs of his family, particularly his children, who had returned to the United States.

Royal historian Tessa Dunlop pointed out that Meghan and Harry always exchanged meaningful gifts on their anniversary. In one instance, Meghan gave Harry a photo of their son, Prince Archie. Dunlop expressed his belief that Meghan would strive to make the day truly memorable for Harry, acknowledging that it is a difficult time for him, given the approaching anniversary of the death of his mother, Princess Diana. . Princess Diana tragically died in a car accident in Paris on August 31, 1997, and her funeral took place on September 6, just days before Harry’s 13th birthday.

However, it appears tensions arose when Prince Harry expressed his desire to invite Prince William and King Charles to his birthday party. A friend of Harry’s reportedly mentioned that Meghan seemed uncomfortable with the idea. In response, she threatened to take their children away from him if he planned to reunite with the royal family, implying that he would lose access to his children.

Meanwhile, the Sussexes are frustrated by King Charles’ ultimatum, which could potentially exclude Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from an upcoming royal documentary that will air on both the BBC and ITV. Prince Harry considered peace talks with his father to repair their strained relationship, but King Charles placed a condition on the reunion, insisting that private family matters must remain out of the public eye.

Despite early reports of a private meeting between Harry and Charles in the United Kingdom before Harry left for Germany and the king’s official visit to France, no such meeting took place. Additionally, rumors are circulating that the royal family has banned the Sussexes from participating in an upcoming documentary intended to honor King Charles III.

The expert further noted that September is a poignant month for Harry due to the large funeral and its impact on his mother, which coincides with the Invictus Games ceremony hosted by Fisher House, a non-profit organization supporting families veterans. Meghan, speaking to the audience at the event, highlighted the importance of family, friends and the Invictus community.

German media also reported that the couple will attend the September 16 event and that Meghan is expected to give a riveting speech at the Invictus closing ceremony.

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