Prince Harry’s Move Teases Royal Relatives?

Prince Harry appeared absent from the High Court in London on Monday for his highly anticipated legal battle against the publisher of the Daily Mirror. This absence caused a stir, leading to various reactions and speculations.

Some have speculated that the Duke of Sussex deliberately avoided the trial on Monday in order to seek further legal advice and guidance from his trusted advisers before giving statements in the witness box. This theory suggests that he wanted to make sure his statements were well prepared and strategic.

On the other hand, there were those who thought Harry’s absence was a deliberate move to provoke his royal family. Concerns have been raised by experts who feared the Duke was implicating his family members in the legal battle through his statements, potentially dragging them into the courtroom drama.

However, Harry’s lawyer, David Sherborne, clarified the situation in court. He informed the judge that the duke would not speak until Tuesday because he had celebrated the second birthday of his daughter Princess Lilibet. According to Sherborne, Harry flew to the UK late on Sunday, which explained his absence on Monday.

During the proceedings, Harry’s lawyer pointed out that his client had been the target of illegal information gathering since he started at school. He argued that stories about the prince had always been a lucrative tabloid story, even when Harry was just 11.

Outside the High Court in London, a large number of photographers and film crews eagerly awaited Harry’s arrival for the opening speeches in the case. However, to their surprise, the Duke skipped the hearing, frustrating Judge Timothy Fancourt with his absence.

The legal battle is notable because it is the first time in over a century that a senior member of the British royal family will provide evidence in court. Prince Harry is due to give evidence this week against Mirror Group Newspapers, making it a groundbreaking event in royal and legal history.

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