Prince Harry’s Frustration with Netflix Mounts, but Powerless to Fight Back as His Hands Are Tied!

Prince Harry finds himself in a state of fury as he directs his anger at Netflix, particularly regarding the final season of the hit series “The Crown.” However, despite his intense feelings, he finds himself unable to take anything due to circumstances beyond his control. As a result, Harry’s hands are tied, leaving him without the ability to fight the streaming giant.

Before I delve further into the subject, it’s important for me to clarify that I have not personally watched the final season of “The Crown” and have no plans to do so. Personally, I find the way they treat the depiction of Princess Diana and other living individuals in a fictionalized dramatization very offensive and ethically questionable.

Also, I canceled my Netflix subscription after they teamed up with Meghan and Harry. I prefer to avoid supporting with my hard-earned money a company that engages in such practices. Fortunately, many others watch the show and share content from each episode, allowing me to report on the topic from reliable sources.

As previously reported, Prince William has flatly refused to watch “The Crown,” a decision that seems wise on his part. Yet Harry, driven by morbid curiosity or perhaps influenced by his contractual obligations, expressed his intention to watch the series. Yet even he would be uncomfortable with the show’s depiction, prompting him to ask a friend to watch it beforehand, potentially protecting him from further trauma.

This season of “The Crown” features the infamous phone call between William, Harry and their mother, Princess Diana, which has been the subject of public speculation for years. In a 2017 documentary, William mentioned that the conversation weighed heavily on his mind, expressing regret at the rushed nature of their final exchange. Although the details of the conversation remain confidential, both brothers have chosen to keep it private. Nonetheless, “The Crown” takes liberties in recreating the scene, despite lacking factual knowledge of its precise content.

Harry also shared his experience speaking to his mother after William’s conversation with her. Although he doesn’t remember the exact details, he vividly remembers the brevity of the call, a realization that haunts him to this day. Reflecting on this moment, he expressed immense difficulty and regret at not having realized that this would be their last conversation. The heartbreaking nature of such circumstances is unimaginable, especially for a young boy. While recent events may impact sympathy for Harry, it is important to recognize the deep pain he endured as a child.

Therefore, this raises an obvious question: why would Harry willingly subject himself to reliving such a traumatic night – the night he lost his beloved mother? Why would he choose to watch a show that capitalizes on the pain and trauma he experienced at such a tender age? Although the portrait is fictional, it depicts Harry’s own life, which makes it all the more painful to watch.

Additionally, royal commentator Angela Lan believes Harry will be even more upset by the depiction of the scene where Charles informs the boys of their mother’s tragic death. Lan points out that Harry openly discussed the aftermath of the accident and the emotional distance he felt from his father during this time. He highlighted the lack of physical affection and support he wished his father would have given him. However, “The Crown” once again takes liberties, depicting a caring and affectionate interaction between Charles and his sons, without considering Harry’s own narrative. These discrepancies highlight the show’s disregard for Harry’s experiences and further exacerbate his feelings of being overshadowed by his older brother.

Netflix, as Harry’s employer, should be held accountable for its insensitive treatment of his family’s history, including his own life experiences. The question remains whether Harry will dare to confront his paymasters or whether his desperation to keep his Netflix contract will force him to silently endure the disrespect shown to his mother and family.


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