Prince Harry’s Court Case Leaves Royals Red Faced and Seething

Prince Harry’s court case is set to leave the royal family in a state of embarrassment and anger. Continuing his legal battle against British publications, Prince Harry is suing them for illegally gathering information through telephone hacking. The case started two months ago and has already seen some interesting developments.

During the first day of the trial, Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) apologized to the Duke of Sussex for his unlawful news-gathering practices, assuring him such actions would not be repeated.

However, recent events have unfolded in the case, and according to royal expert Daniela Elser, writing in her column for, these lawsuits will create a major headache for the newly crowned King Charles.

Elser describes the potential courtroom drama, saying: “With Harry taking the witness stand, there’s a good chance that fireworks will overtake any Jubilee celebration or the triumph of Fire’s favorite racehorse. the Queen.” This revelation, according to NGN’s lawyers, suggests that some of the stories published on the front pages of the Mirror may have come from Mark Bolland, who was Charles’ assistant private secretary at the time.

The royal expert points out that Buckingham Palace has been turbulent so far, but things could get even more nerve-wracking next month when Prince Harry, Charles’s youngest son, becomes the first senior member of the royal family to testify. a court case over the past 130 years. Elser notes that the ongoing trial has already uncovered many embarrassing details, including Prince William’s secret settlement in a phone hacking case, involving a large sum of money.

Now, with the revelation of Bolland’s potential involvement, the royal family is bound to stay red and quietly seething. In his controversial memoir ‘Spare’, Prince Harry reportedly referred to Bolland as Camilla’s ‘new spin doctor’, whom she convinced Charles to hire in view of their marriage.


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