Prince Harry ‘uncomfortable’ with press ‘knowing every move’

Since meeting Meghan Markle, Prince Harry has “no interest” in letting the British media “have full access” to him and his every move.

This allegation was made by royal commentator and journalist Jonathan Sacerdoti.

He was also quoted as telling Express UK, “Harry always had that throughout his life before he even knew her and you can understand why. He’s a man who grew up as a child with the press knowing everyone of his movements.

“The biggest scandals of the 90s were his parents’ private lives and the breakdown of their marriage and it involves him and his brother.”

“Of course he doesn’t feel he can trust the press or like the system by which the royal family interacts with the press, I fully understand that and he talks about having trauma, almost post stress syndrome. -traumatic as a result of hearing camera clicks and what the press said about it.

He often said that they were making mistakes and making things up, so maybe he wasn’t interested in playing by those rules either.

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